Friday, April 18, 2014

Can I go to work in my Pajama?

I'm often I asked why I'm not seen in skirts or in a dress, not that I'm uncomfortable in them, but I'm more of the shorts/Jeans and tee kind of person, I'm more of the wears pajamas all the time person. I'd wear pajamas to work if it was okay. Honestly. Why would you make yourself wear a salwar kameez, or skirt or even jeans?( or as I call them denim traps). I wear all of them to work, but I'd really rather not.

I like quirky things and the quirky pajamas are something I love! My favorite are my Star Wars Pjs it's the most comfortable piece of clothing I own. I can't wait to get home each day to the comfort of my pjs.

I know what you're thinking. Really Maggie? Pajamas? Is that how stupid you're going to be? Why not things like pen pals, or photographs? or philosophy (doesn't make me happy after I realised how stupid it makes me sound) or one of my favourite books The Bell Jar by (Sylvia) Plath. But I don't want this post to be about heavy stuff. I don't want this to be about friendship, I want this blog to be about exactly that which makes me happy and I won't lie, Pajamas are the ultimate comfort clothing.

I have a pajama policy for the weekend and last week I was at this shopping place. My pjs are not Not a night dress, but ill fitted fun clothes.  I got so many awkward glances and I realised we're so smitten with looking great all the time, that we've forgotten to let ourselves go. My pajamas are a metaphor for not wanting to comply, I'm tired about having to agree to the confines of 'formal wear' and 'party clothes' and 'semi casuals' what happened to being yourself? What happened to cutting yourself some slack and not giving a damn about 'what'll people say'. If you want to walk in your silly Pjs do it.

Your legs deserve better: You've put your legs through so much during the day, give them a break! This comes from someone who calls jeans 'soul mates'.

They're your best friends: They're the tough guy in your life! every break up story you're seen on TV, ever seen the girl or guy change into a skirt or trouser? Nope. You'll always see them in Pjs. Wear your pjs, crawl into your blanket, read, write do whatever till you feel better. They're there for you.

I've been to a fancy dinner in my Pjs and trust me when you don't give a damn about how people judge you, you'll feel better about everything. Wear your pjs and love them. 


  1. haha...well I believe we should be comfortable when we work...I really don't understand why my organisation makes the boys wear ties forcibly and doesn't allow women to wear sleeveless ...Ofcourse we women find ways around it :D
    P for Petrified-Random Thoughts Naba

  2. Hahahaa....Pjs not to work...I love wearing my skirts and dresses because I love to shop :P hehe
    but, I don't mind going to the grocery or fly International in my pjs. I think it's cool...:)

  3. Really I too love my Pj's. You are right we need to unwind and just chill some times.

  4. LOL, there is nothing more comfortable! I love it! ♥

  5. I love my PJs, and have been known to wear them to work! Confession: I work from home. ;)

  6. I am PJ girl too and all though many women have commented saying that nighties are more comfortable and they look more feminine I just show them my tongue and hang onto my PJs. I love my Pajamas :)

  7. Loved it -- love my PJ's! If I can get away with it - I will go out with them on HE HE

    Carol @ Battered Hope

  8. PJs are so cool no? Yes the perfect comfort clothing....on weekends I am seen only in these!

  9. My entire wardrobe consists of PJ-like clothing and yoga-like clothing. I haven't taken a yoga class in years LOL! That's how I dress for work. You can dress up yoga pants with a nice top and some accessories. I walk my dogs wearing PJs sometimes. Yeah, I'm with ya on this one.


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