Thursday, March 6, 2014

Does blogging bring out your best or worst self?

Another direct question with no real answer. Writing is a process that puts you face to face with your self. All those things you said you hate or you love clearly shine through when you write. For every post I've written about friendship it has only put me touch with what I really feel about them. I strongly believe you can write only about that which you know. If you don't have a friend, you won't know what it's like to have one. If you've not had a 'low' you don't know what feeling like crap feels like.

How does blogging change that? Blogging is just another medium that I use to get in touch with myself. I won't fancily put it in any other words. Writing is therapy. I don't know if I've become better or worse. Ever since I started writing, I've become that much more vocal about my opinions and sometimes they aren't pretty. Sometimes they are hurtful, but sadly, I feel them and it's an okay thing.

Blogging has brought out these hidden opinions in me, I've never really said them out loud. People presumed a lot of things about me. My blogging just screams of a completely different person than the one many people have presumed. It helps me present myself better. It helps me say "this is what I am" in that sense blogging brings out my truest self and I don't know if that's a good thing or bad.

But if there is a platform that lets you unashamedly say you are "xyz" I am assuming it's a good thing. Blogging helps me connect to people and that's the bit that makes the whole thing worth it.

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  1. Blogging really helped me come out of my shell. I started blogging because I had a lot of stuff in my head and no one to talk to and no way to communicate other than writing. So I blogged and found I wasn't alone and wasn't hopeless. It's really helped over the years,with keeping together the aspects of my personality which are mine and not just my BPD.


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