Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The small things in life!

It's not great days, it's not epic moments, it's tiny moments that make life really good. I look at all the wonderful things that happen to me and really wonder, how beautiful is this? How is all this happening to me? If there is one thing that I've been trying to do, is to not dwell on things in the past. To forgive, forget and move past. It's so comfortable you know to let things gnaw at your heart when you could easily enjoy a day as it comes.  That sip of coffee, to cutting into a warm cake, a glass of milk to dunk cookies in, the rains, the summers breeze, the conversation that would make you glow to the comforting hug that would reassure you that all is well. You register all these things

"Living each day as it comes means to have no regrets. If good things happen you celebrate them in the moment. You enjoy them to the fullest, you laugh about them. Now. If something doesn't happen, you cannot fret about it, not today, not tomorrow. What this does is, it reduces a lot of pressure. You learn to let go fairly quickly."

 Of course today has been a very very good day! It really has been. Right from having old acquaintances pinging me to having a new found friend who sent me a present! Some days you come to think of it; it's not the greatest things that people do that make a difference, it's the small stuff. It's stuff that makes you sit back for a moment and really think of how wonderful it makes you feel. My day started off with my beautiful mother waking me up. While I said I was happy with her away on a family trip, it is also really nice to hear the sound of her quietly walking around the house. I had a decent breakfast, I didn't run to work. I sat there spoke to her about a the rains and traffic she showed me little trinkets she bought for me. It's a special kind of comfort to simply have her around. While the rest of my day was rather uneventful baring the fact that I was so surprised that my sister -from -another -mother called me up, out of the blue. Just like that. Just to say hi. Here's the thing, speaking to her feels quite blissful. She fills me with this sense of  calm that tells me "Don't worry, it's all okay". Best friends are therapeutic.  Work didn't feel like a task anymore. I felt light like a feather. "No amount of yelling and screaming can make you feel as light and calm as talking to your best friend". And then there was the evening. oh man! What a great surprise for which I must thank my friend- Harry Potter playing cards and a book! A friend who goes out of his way to do something so utterly special! That is hard to come by.  It's one thing to be a good person, but this was just ridiculously nice. :)

The point of this very Dear Diary type post is the fact that I have days when I rethink everything. I wonder if things could have been better, if I could change a few things, if somehow I should have avoided something, what would make the next 20 years better, basically the past, never the present and the future. Never fully enjoying the moment. It's hard work this 'in the moment' thing. I will have to find more moments to rejoice tomorrow I am not supposed to think about all the wonderful things that happened today. I know it's not the standard definition for living in the moment, but it is to me. Right now, I feel elated. I am simply enjoying that. In the back of my mind I am still dwelling on the past, but I guess that's something you cannot help doing, not in a few days.

When I think about the whole of today, I am thinking, how amazing it is. Human connections and what they do for you. It could be a long lost friend who sends you a  tweet to a best friend who pops in to say hi! At the end of the day what you really crave for in your heart is people.Some company and of course dessert! :)

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  1. I liked the line where you said, "Best friends are therapeutic". Well mine is a like a case of drug-addiction now, but yeah highly therapeutic :)


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