Monday, September 2, 2013

You're a Potterhead!

You are a Potterhead if you call yourself one. It doesn't matter if you've read only the books. Or if you've watched only the movies. It doesn't matter if you can't recollect all the names, if you can't remember what Harry's son is called. It doesn't matter if you can't remember each spell. If you love Harry Potter as much as you say you do, you deserve to be called a Potterhead!
People think there is such a thing called a perfect kind of fan. Someone who knows it all. The "real" fan. But here's the truth; NO there isn't. There are no "real" and "wannabe" fans. Everyone who spends enough time reading a book or watching a movie, anyone who is willing to say that they love something even at the risk of being ridiculed must be considered just a fan as the next person who can say a few spells and tell me a few names. You may not know how the unforgivable curses work. You may not know or remember how Sirius died, you may not remember why Dumbledore's hand was black. May be you don't read all the fanfic that is available. You may not have watched bloopers or know truck loads of trivia. You may not want to put up a poster or pray to Rowling on a daily basis, but damn! That does not give anyone the right to call themselves better than you. 

I get very pissed with these "real" fans.When people say 'I am a real Harry Potter fan because I read the books as opposed to those who watched only the films,' sometimes you have to cut people some slack. No, some people cannot commit to reading a big book. It's okay too. There are no rules to being a fan. If you are willing to commit to understanding a character for whatever given period of time, you are a fan.

This goes out to all fans, fans of Bands, Books, cricket teams, Football clubs, fans of actors, directors, self confessed movie junkies, you do not get to be called better because you can somehow look down upon another person who may not really be as well educated as you on certain aspects. She/he may really be passionate about somethings and you have to help educate them. If that's too much to ask, do not rub in your knowledge in an attempt to 'show them how it's done'. You are a bad fan. You really are.

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  1. Well I dont look down on them, but yeah I feel sad for them.. they are missing so much awesomeness :P :P



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