Monday, August 26, 2013

Book Girl has problems too!

I will read absolutely everything. I mean I have my choices, genres and everything, but I've read enough to call myself an avid reader. I will also go on to call myself the book collector, I've successfully managed to collect more books than what I will read this whole year. (I could say life, but lets not say bad things) I have a group of friends who I talk books to. I redirect every conversation to books or coffee because those are the only thing I really know how to talk about. I know all the right things to say, I know what to exaggerate and what to simply let slide by. However, I'm shit at conversations that are about movies because I've haven't watched enough of them. I'm not too proud of it, but seriously, I cannot discuss movies, maybe I can discuss dialogue, script or plot but that essentially comes down to 'the story'.

Here is a compilation of the TOP 10 problems I face as a book collecting nerd!

1)Every conversation begins at "What have you read recently?" the answer better be something new because otherwise, I'm stuck. How do I proceed. What do I say? I have no interest in people's lunches and dinners and sleeps. I can ask you if you've had dinner, but I almost never mean to ask that as a question. It's generally to ask you if you are well fed and can obsess with me over books without any interruption.

2) I have more books than I can read, I know this. I know I'm going to keep buying books, I know it's going to be tough to say this out loud, but I'm never going to read all the books I've bought. It's come to the point where I've accepted it. I've accepted that I buy books out of a certain compulsion and I can't do anything about. 

3)I feel like an outcast I almost never fit in a non book lovers type setup. I cannot go out shopping and have a good time with the buddies if it does not involve at least some element of talking books. I cannot hang out with so many wonderful, kind people only because I have the social skills of a squid. The only thing I can talk is books, food, some politics and something anything that I've read online. All my opinions come from things I've read. If I haven't read about it, it isn't on my mind. I have no TVing skills either. I cannot talk reality TV, Daily soaps and stuff. I can mock them, but that isn't what people are generally looking for so it's tough for me. This is not to say that I don't have non book lover friends, I have lots of them but small talk isn't what I'm known for with them :)

4)I have very very funny ideas about love, life and just generally everything. Books have ruined reality for me. Majorly. Everything I say or do feels like it is inspired by a damn book. I've picked up swear words to "sweet nothings" from a lot of books. Friendships feel right if it feels like they could have been written about. I often think of my friends and wonder if it would make a great story to tell. Thankfully, so far all of them are a yes! 

5) I have a soft spot for people who read, I will let them get away with almost anything. If you say you read and you've read something I will like you. If you didn't answer my call because you were reading or writing. I will probably let you go. My kids better not know about this. God help me trying to be a stern mother and having a soft spot for reading kids. Speaking of whom, I am very scared that the next generation isn't going to read at all. I know it's not my decision to tell kids to read and I'm all for making free choices but it would break my heart if my kids, my cousins' kids or my friends kids didn't read. 

6)I never have never walked out of a bookstore without buying a books. That's truly dangerous, I have to make a very conscious effort to not buy books. I have to hold back myself, come up with stupid excuses and everything. I've made buying books an activity for life. I have money stashed away just so I can books. My first bank account when I was 15 was only to save up enough money to buy the Harry Potter box set. Of course, I didn't buy the box set; my parents would never let me spend from my bank account because what little girl spends from her money when her parents are more than happy to give her extra pocket money just to buy books! :D

7) I almost always end up getting up late, except for a Sunday. Sunday's are for looking at pretty books and reading them. Every weekday is tedious, waking up every single day is hard work because the concept of time fails me when I'm reading. It's 7 in the evening, soon it's dinner and what feels like a few minutes later, its 3AM. Good luck waking up after a 3 hour nap and trying to work!I spend a good number of days in a zombie like state. Of course it helps me keep a lot of BS at bay.

8)I've never been comfortable with travelling without a book, even if I have no time to read on the trip. I've been on enough trips where I've never had the time to read. Even when I know that the trip is going to be super tiring, super long, I have to carry a book. Which is why I started exploring writers who write tiny books, at least it became  little comfortable to carry.

9) I have tear stained books, I have pages that have yellowed slightly from when I sat and cried over them. I'm forever attached to those books because it feels like I've left a very very real part of me is in those pages. I cannot look at the page when Cedric dies and be okay. Everything I felt then comes flooding back to me. I reel under that hurt for days. I feel bad for Cedric. (Thankfully, I look at the twilight memes and feel better about RPatt)

10) I cannot stand noise! My life revolves around buying and reading and talking about books. While that's awesome. It takes a toll on me personally, it's difficult to explain what I do to people. I have to find words to describe my obsession, my love for books. I get sad and upset when people don't share my obsession. Well, I'm not really upset about them sharing my obsession as much as it upsets me when they look down upon my reading. No, I don't go out partying, my idea of fun does not involve me leaving my books at home and going really far away all dressed up because I know I'm better off at home. When people say I'm probably depressed because I like staying holed up in my room and read, I want to scream to their face and say I feel incredibly lonely in all that noise. I am better off not having a "life" at home where I'm more comfortable with the silence than I am outside. But most days I just smile and say 'You know me'. When what I really mean is that they really don't know me and shouldn't bother to decode me.

When it comes to going out with people My question is simple 'Will there be a quiet place I can read in?' If the answer is yes! I'm in. Otherwise, bye bye! Also, I'm not all boring I'm all for the idea of having fun outside of books but Tell me something actually fun that doesn't involve  noise. (Basically somewhere I can open my book if I'm too bored)


  1. from one book lover to another - "are you for real? :)"

  2. Eeee! I am real!! Are you? :)

  3. haha, even for a clone, you write brilliantly!

    1. For a humanoid robot sent by alien overlords to convince others that they are clones you compliment brilliantly! :D Thanks! :D


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