Thursday, August 22, 2013

It need not be perfect! It was never supposed to be.

This is written for Harry Potter Festival 

I wanted to write something perfect, that’s the problem. I want to write something incredible about Harry Potter, one that is a fitting entry for a great initiative like the Harry Potter festival and frankly, I cannot think up of a 1000 word article that will come close to explaining how Harry Potter changed my life, or how Harry potter is the one most remarkable things that I remember my childhood by. I remember that I was 13 something and very keen on reading; I had just gotten my very own library card and everything! I was for all purposes “independent”

When I think of Harry Potter, It reminds me of the various potter things I did as a child, right from making a pointy hat and pretending to be a witch to sticking a JK Rowling picture on the wall. I prayed to this woman, I was touched by her passion and humility, I remember having a file of all things Harry Potter, I cared for Harry; I lived through Ron and Hermione. I stuck with Harry until the very end and I was not disappointed. I loved how even in a very dark and gloomy book, JKR managed to give us a glimpse of some Disney Magic, because we knew it was for kids except we kids were 18 something, but so what, we all wanted a few “happy ever afters”.

 Then I came across a few posts that spoke about why Ron and Hermione shouldn’t be together or why Ginny and Harry aren’t the perfect ship. And yes, the authors made a few good points as well.
 Yes, Hermione is too smart for Ron, you know what, yes she is smart and yes he is an idiot but then people grow up, it’s quite ridiculous that you judge Ron and Hermione based on your assessment of a 15 year old version of them. God knows I was once 15 and stupid. What is your measure of true love anyway? Is it smart with smart? I can’t see why you think Ron is not smart, but let’s leave that aside. Hermione chooses to be with Ron, She is not stuck with Ron, so when you think she is settling for Ron, you are simply saying that Hermione doesn’t understand what is good for her. Clearly that’s not the case. If the concept of school sweethearts is difficult for you to understand, I’m sorry but there are fairly a good number of cases where that has happened, so for you to complain that it never does? That’s just sad.  When you say Hermione and Harry should end up together, I am not really for that idea either. When you talk about Harry and Hermione there has never been any hint of a relationship unlike between Ron and Hermione where it was fairly clear that Ron will eventually end up with her, remember Ron finally realizes that Hermione is a girl and he asks her out to the Yule ball, Ron admires Hermione and has makes it fairly clear on more than one occasion, remember how he says Harry and he wouldn’t survive two days without her? He admires her, he respects her, and she respects him too. Hermione is her own person, No, Ron and Hermione are not a sappy love story, because definitely that is not what the book is about. If you expect for Hermione’s world to crumble when Ron leaves, you know as well as I do that it never happens

This is not to say that Ron and Hermione *must have* ended together; I could totally understand if Hermione ended up with Krum or with Neville and that’s not a bad thing, but when you say Hermione doesn’t deserve Ron, you are saying that the foolish girl doesn’t understand her own choice! You think she should have picked somebody more successful, more powerful, more intelligent. But you forget she does understand her choice. Ron may not be the smartest wizard, but he is courageous. So don’t say Harry is a better wizard, you know what? My adoration for Ron is higher; He stuck by Harry even when he didn’t. He stuck through the Triwizard tournament to the final battle, that’s courage. Yes, both those occasions he was angry with Harry he dealt with it the best way he could, he took his time and came back. If you can’t cut your friends some slack for learning from their mistake, you are no friend. We’ve all be stupid and 17 too.

My second issue was with people having a problem with Ginny Harry Ship, Ginny is a superb feminist character, she has her own personality, she is pretty bad ass! She grew up with Fred and George, that says a lot about how awesome she is. Yes, she is unapologetic about who she is, she is shy and quiet but she is also fierce! I get that the oedipal complex is simply too much from the Harry Ginny ship and I agree. When Ginny looks exactly like Lily Evans and when Harry falls in love with her, it gets slightly creepy. But that’s really all the issue I have with them. Yes, it’s a cliché that Harry falls in love with his best friend’s sister. I would have lived if Harry married anybody else, Cho Chang or Parvati, but this is a book, you need to have some closure for all characters, most writers choose to put two characters together because it makes sense, you cannot put an unimportant character with the central figure; you will waste too much time giving them a back story. Not that Harry and Ginny had any except for the fact that at a time when Harry and Ginny came together, Harry was probably in the state of mind where he wished someone knew what being possessed by darkness felt like, agreed it is not a basis to fall in love, but then what is? If not for understanding and overcoming each other’s short comings, what is falling in love? Yes, I like you because you are strong and courageous, I love you because you are as messed up as I was, together we rescue each other is an accepted foundation for being in love.

I am a closet romantic and nothing upsets me more than when people say that two people shouldn’t be together because they deserve better frankly, there are no rules, there is no place for judgment. When you hate Harry and Ginny as a couple because they weren’t talked about enough, I agree. If you are saying they aren’t good enough for each other because you have some high headed idea about love, then I’m sorry. You should always give into the choices made by love. Always.  


  1. Nice article Maggie!

    I always think of the various other things that could have happened - what if Cedric Diggory was alive? what if all the romance in Book 5/6 would have worked out for Harry? what if Ginny would have died in Book 2? What if Harry and Cho's relation worked out?

    And I felt to Ginny, Harry was a prized possession, everyone in her family spoke about him, his brothers were his best friends. Given the history it was going to happen if luck favored her.

    1. Hey Anshul! Thanks! :D

      Well Ginny and Harry certainly compliment each other. Ginny accepts Harry inspite of everything he goes through, that can't be a very happy place. They don't even have a good story, all hell breaks lose and Ginny lives through that with Harry, so I don't know if Harry is luckier or Ginny. :D

  2. Hey. I can see how you feel about this whole thing. Personally, I have no issues with the way things shaped up. Rather, anything else and I would find it hard to accept at the moment.
    I mean, love, as you said, is not about finding a perfect person. It's about finding someone who is perfect for you, though he may be imperfect for the rest of the world. As for Ron, I feel that he suddenly got mature in the second lag of Deathly Hallows. That i guess transpired after his solitary stint with himself when he left Harry n hermione in the forest. He came back a changed man. Rather, he went as a boy and came back a man.

    Hey, on a personal note, I liked the way you write. Would like to follow your blog. Can you please insert a 'Follow by email' element? You will find it in Blogspot tools.

    1. Hey Ritesh! :) thanks for the comment and I put up the elementa s you suggested! Thanks for that as well! :D

      Ron's character transformation is most commendable of all. He went from being a secondary character to almost becoming as important as Harry. I too think it was the thinking time that changed him.


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