Thursday, August 29, 2013

How do I tell a boy?

In the last day or two I've had some major disagreements with people about sexism and rape culture on social media platforms to and with people in my real life. Oh! Yes. It was horrible. I got a few sympathetic, yes, I'm sure. To 'really, huh?'. All in all I had a tough day. To add to my misery I was also Cat called! How cute right? 

Dear sir, every woman has been here,
Your sister, your friend and your mother dear,
But You sit there and say "It's not like that"
I'll tell you what, I got stared at!

I got stared at around half past one,
I got stared at while doing my job,
I got called names for nothing I'd done,
Evil grins from strangers are hardly any fun.

Please don't tell me, I need to take a break,
Don't tell me I'm over reacting, don't tell me
Don't tell me not everyone rapes, no they don't!
But someone could! So I'm not waiting.

Don't tell me I'm a man hating bitch,
Because that's so wrong,
Don't ask me if I've been called names!
I have been, only I've stayed strong.

Here's the problem, I have to fight tears, every time
I have to hold fort because otherwise I'm another "crying girl"
I have to stand here and listen to YOU sir tell me not to yell!
Because goddamnit! you won't even see that you don't  go through hell!.

Please don't tell me I'm lucky to be a girl
I am
But please don't make me regret it.
I am not the clothes I wear, I know
Stop saying I am because 'you' think so!

You reek of privilege my dear,
You reek of might
All you have to say is 'Your angst I hear'
But No! You will still call me foolish for wanting to walk out in the night!

Don't say I'm a 'rabid feminist',
I don't even want to be one
Just tell me when I can walk out at 12
Especially when there isn't a sun!


I'm very embarrassed posting this poem, because I don't write poems to publish, but this was something I'd had enough of. So I'm taking my chance with you. Lucky to have a lot of really great men in my life, raised by a feminist too! So No, this is not my attempt at saying ALL men are bad.


  1. no point being embarrassed, it is a really nice attempt and the flow is there as well. I hope you keep writing more poetry!


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