Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nothing, talking about nothing at all!

This post is going to be short, it is dedicated to one of my best buddy type friends who I shall keep anonymous till this post gets old or till I have asked him permission to write his name!

In a conversation that usually lasts for a few hours and never runs short of conversational topics, (we are just super thrilled to keep talking). We are annoyingly conversant! Our conversation have been kept short mostly by people interrupting, but we could go on forever and not remember that our phones have battery life or that they run on currency!

Yes, we all deserve that friend we are completely un-scared of, we all need friends like that! Friends who don't believe stereotypical shit, friends who can say hurtful things but not mean it in the slightest! Friends who are amazing to just be yourself with. To accept we have insecurities and not fear the consequences, We need friends who can have a completely intellectual conversation, a philosophical conversation and then move on to some really random babble about a movie and book and suddenly transit to a deeper life question and then suddenly end the conversation with "arre life ne toh bas @$%@3" and not feel anything about the swearing.

I have nothing to write about what we talk of, I have nothing to say about what a great friend I have found in him, I have no comment on what we do when we meet. Because it is just that regular, nothing spectacular, everything about this friendship that makes it so special is exactly how normal it is. There are no pretenses, no appearances, just crazy conversations of a few hopefuls who have no clue about life and just want "happiness". It isn't  too much to ask for, is it?

In this rather stunning journey called life, it is really worth it to have friends who believe in the similar Utopian ideas about life, love, faith, people, more specifically His/Her and aren't too scared to say it, hopefuls who have ideas about how everything should eventually turn out in the end!

I also realize that apart from Humour; Confidence and Confusion are great foundations for a good Conversation. LOL.

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