Saturday, November 10, 2012

So subtle, the whole world knows...

Dealing with problems people post on facebook is just awkward. X says "I am sad" 30 people ask what it is. With equal enthusiasm X posts back saying "Nothing, just...."  ahhhhh! Your best friends will patronize  be nice, supportive (why on a public forum instead of picking the damn phone and letting you cry your heart out, I don't know?)

People, you want to send a message to your Best friend, boyfriend or anyone, just do it. See, It is very simple why I don't ask people their personal problems, I really care about their sanity and privacy and seriously Facebook is NOT the place to discuss heartbreaks, I am severely against the idea that I should post all my heartaches on Facebook, very Dear Diary. But yes, I don't mind people who do it. Sorry I will not acknowledge your "why are people like this, when you trust them they back stab you" type message. I know the bitch who broke your trust and I know she deserves an earful, but seriously, I really think you shouldn't be so passive aggressive about it. Probably just give her the earful she needs. (Oh! wait you already did that!)

Trust me it is very awkward for people like us who know you and still don't want to be a part of this fight. It demands too much meddling and frankly, that is soo not why we signed up. I am sounding heartless here. But every time you post something mean about the person you had a falling out with, remember all the good times you had and do really need to insult those memories? You have 700 friends on Facebook, do they really need to know that you dumped your boyfriend? That your best friend sucks? Yes! lying,cheating or whatever, a person's privacy is important. You are putting out a statement and you expect your friends to line up with you and indulge in a little bashing? 

I read your post, I just did. You very very subtle (or so you think) Hell no. You were louder than a blow horn! It was clear. When you put up 7 sad emoticons You sent a clear message, your status said 'I am angry with you and I am sad about what you said.' But seriously, wouldn't you do much better if you just tell the person that you were hurt. Your message is clearly crying out for attention, you don't want your 700 friends to ask you what happened, you want that one person to give you a call and apologize;  worse you don't want the call. You just want guilt, you want the world to judge that person. Don't you?  You want a public prosecution. 

You don't want to explain it to people, because you suddenly think it is private, frankly you would do it, but you don't. Lucky the other person. But you wont stop at 'Ntg happ... :(' you want more, you are going on to say I am sad in soo many ways. You are going to go on a rampage, you are going to say 'Ntg happ.... well, just must never trust people', or some cryptic shit. Frankly! We ALL know who you were talking about, can you please be a little less mean? You make it look like you deserved to be lied to.

My point is not to insult you. Hell, I am all for PDA (Public Display of Anger) but I am also making a case for somebody you are 'taunting', you are putting out a message, you are creating a scene and nobody deserves to deal with it. You are ruining everything that can be salvaged. Please don't rant and rave about your fallout on Facebook, on the off chance that you realize that you love each other or want to be friends again, you are just making it very difficult. 

PDA or Public Display of Affection I actually find adorable, Love should be celebrated. There is always the problem that the more people know about it, you are creating a bigger fall for yourself, but if you know you aren't falling out, EVER, you shouldn't worry, you you simply celebrate the wonderful emotion of friendship! If you do part ways, you have all these memories that make it an amazing thing, you are sending out an excellent emotion into the universe. And I believe that no matter how hollow it is perceived as, you know for that moment, you want the world to know you were over the moon! And if that isn't a good enough emotion to cling on to, I don't know what is!  

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