Saturday, November 3, 2012

I am not my Facebook page.

I am a classic Facebook addict they say. They told me I couldn't live without Facebook for a day. I burst their "analysis" bubble of me when I quit Facebook, a long time ago, but I did. Interestingly, I have realised that my I am always active on facebook, updating stuff, talking to friends, liking, sharing and everything.

 But if somebody went through my facebook page, they would think they know everything about me and they are so wrong. My facebook statuses will never reflect anything, most of the times they are so irrelevant, and random that placing any kind of context will be using your imagination . If something means too much to me, if i am superbly ecstatic about something you will find a crazy status update, but never to when I am in deep shit. You know how people say Facebook is not a personal diary, I see what they mean. I don't disapprove of people who live their lives on Facebook, document everything, but I simply cannot. Don't mistake me here. I write about everything! EVERYTHING. Except for the stuff that matters to me. I am not discussing my personal issues. No discussing my job, no aspirational details, no hints to my friends, no I am alone, I am sad updates. None.

From my facebook page you can find out.

I was in Christ University.
I am planning on marrying Batman!
I am always writing about books to read.
I am in love with superheroes
I obsess about writing
I love Harry Potter
I support Gay Rights
I love my friends.
I hate stereotypes
I am a feminist

While these are important to me, There are more than one ways where I could talk about the same things. But my facebook page is special only because I can talk to my friends. Some of whom are really really far away.
You cannot list one thing that goes on in my head based on my FB page, you don't know my insecurities, my qualms, my dreams, my nightmares, you don't know about the one thing I think about all the time. Stop telling me I am addicted to facebook and that everything about my life is on Facebook. You can't tell me one thing about me from my wall. One personal thing.

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