Friday, November 2, 2012

10 things I do that tell people I don't have a life!

Here is a list of the things I do. These things I think, tell people I have no life.

1) I am always online: Sadly, I am always online AND I am never doing anything. I am almost always updating nonsense. This is proof enough that I don't have a social life. Hence the social network obsession.

2) I am always obsessing about reading: I am almost always reading. Now, everybody who knows a thing or two about having a life knows how reading makes you look intelligent, but the obsession is a tad too much. I am like the crazy book lady.

3) I am never OUT: Like I stated previously, I love people. But you will never find me with any. My map is largely limited. I am never checking into restaurants, cafes or anywhere actually. My GPS tracker will sadly lead you to my house. My room and yes, locating me the mess is difficult.

4) I have never really committed to watching a movie: I have may be a little more than zero fandoms, but none too intense. Most of my fandoms are restricted to books that are made into movies.

5) I am never eating anything interesting : No instagrams of  amazing food. Food that I make (which I don't) or food that other people make. No trying Lebanese food and mexican delights for me. I am all ghar ka khana.

6) I would never trade a day's sleep: While people are 'getting a life', I am cuddled up in my bed, sleeping. I would NEVER trade that. I think of it this way, when I am 80 and sleepless I am going to regret all the not sleeping.

7) I am quoting random books and shows in my conversations:  I give people the impression that I don;t have a life because I am always watching TV Shows and almost memorising  them. Tells people I have too much time and nothing to do,

8) I have zero scandals: Zero, sadly. People judge you for the number of times you've messed up. I have messed up. But never to earn me the 'has a life' label. No loafing the streets at 3 in the morning (No pictures atleast), No hate messages, no scandalous relationships, Nothing... Dang! I am boring.

9) I really don't care about being cool. But yes I am a wannabe (trying really hard to be a) geek: While I make no effort to look cool with the way I speak, with my clothes, or with the clique I hang out with. I do go all out there to look like a geek. Super efforts I put in. I will read up, talk about, talk to, follow, like, comment, do everything. See, this takes effort and also gives the impression that I am geek and obviously geeks have no life. (This actually works, if you take it as a compliment)

10) I have zero interesting photographs of me doing anything: When I am doing something amazing, I am in too much awe to click a picture. So I have no proof of what I do, yeh jaanta ke aadalat hai, aur aadalat sabooth managti hai! But, I am getting over this. I am documenting everything these days.

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