Thursday, November 1, 2012

Can we please be a little grown up?

I am a little surprised when I see grown ups behave like twelve year olds, where they cannot take opinions, they want to impose their ideas and will mop in the corner if their 'wishes' aren't granted. I don't get the score settling, screaming grown ups. I think as a grown up you need to evolve. You don't have to be a certain age to grow up, but once you hit a certain age where you can judge acceptable behavior  you should understand that immaturity becomes unacceptable.  You cannot demand like a 5 year old child. You cannot not talk to people, the way you please. As an adult, you need to understand that communication is important, however uncomfortable.

While I say this, I am in no way disapproving of the child like qualities, the silliness, the innocence, the craziness. If you are thrilled about a chocolate like a 5 year old, hell! You deserve more. Being silly has zero inhibition, it is about being yourself with people who accept you for that and you are completely sure of them.  I think what we need is childlike humour and adult like anger management! sadly, It is always the other way round.  I have spoken to more grown up 20 year olds than 40 year old's who haven't grown up and are still stuck.

I love being silly, I love to be completely insane at times. But I feel the grown up thing to do is to compartmentalize life. Create behaviour patterns for different people. We live in the real world and sadly people don't accept you for you. Lets accept that at first. People are going through shit of their own and hell! they are in no mood to put up with you or your immaturity. You should talk to somebody who likes you about your issues, not the world.  I love having conversations with people who are comfortable talking about things. People who are evolved enough to know that world begins with them, but ends much further away.

I am all for silly not for immature. I am not going to put up with the bickering, the screaming contest, the no competition yet competing people, the tit for tat people. I think it is about time we outgrow it. The time is now. Before it is too late, people are already leaving. They are talking about the hell you put them through. They talk about your perceptions about the world and generally your fitness to live in society. I am not recommending fitting it, definitely  not. But I do recommend exploring a little more of the universe, getting out of little rock you call your universe and for once to peep into a world that is entirely different. A world that is not a petty, the world that is dealing with problems that are so large that nothing we say or complain about compare with it. People are dealing with these problems in real time and we need to gain perspective.

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