Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The wanderer

Dear wanderer in my head,

You are the perfect embodiment of everything that is right with the world. Dear wanderer when you walk from one place to another, don’t you see myriad pictures? Hear thousands of voices? You are part of the chaos and yet, you find your silence. While you lie down under the shade of the tree, you seem to let the whole world go by; you wake up and see that nothing is the same. You do not fret that it has changed. You do not complain.

People look at you and imagine a million things, you don’t justify, and you don’t seek assistance. You know not where your life is headed and yet you seem to be at peace. You look at people and see right through them, yet you do not comment you have no critique; you have nothing but a faint registry of all these faces. May be on a sunny road where you might see these people again, they may not recognize you, you may not as well.

Dear wanderer in my head, I want to be not you, but like you. I want to find silence in this chaos and a little noise in this silence. I cannot commit to keeping quiet like you, but I’d like to try. I want to see each fleeting moment with a different perspective, to be able to see through all this multi-colored dimensions, to see through all these ideals. I want to see people without embellishment. Them for who they are. Me for who I am.

Dear crazy wanderer you find some space in my head because you are my imagination, I want the world to be like this. Much like you, I am not taking an aimless stroll through life, infact quite contrary. I am taking in as much as I can. I want to have no inhibitions, no fears of tomorrow, no visions of the future. 

I know you are inspired by everything I see and everything I believe. Truly you are a bundle of every fear I have, thrown out of the window. You are an embodiment of every answer I have but too afraid to look at and inspect and introspect. I know if I sit down with you, you will tell me what I need to know. But like two travelers that never meet again, I will never sit by you because you have answers and I am too afraid to ask the questions.

Much love,
Reality Me!

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