Sunday, September 23, 2012

The imperfection of Bollywood!

I watched Barfi recently and I was impressed. not because it was heart warming. It was far from that. It did not make me me cry, infact it did nothing other than give me a few 'awww' moments. I will still recommend the film to 'realists'. And by realists, I mean people who are tired of watching your quintessential hero or heroine deliver roles that are stereotypical. The perfect bad boy, the perfect good son, the girl who will make the wrong decisions. I think with Barfi, it touches on emotions that are human. Things like love, compassion, jealousy, not the love in books with the perfection where two people fit like pieces of a jigsaw, not the kind of compassion where you will give up everything and work for the happiness of this said other person, not the kind of jealousy that makes you want to kill. Much like in real life where you dont obsess over something, you dont hatch plans to kill someone, you get over many heartbreaks and disappointments. You are hurt no doubt, but never like most Hindi movies would show it to be.

I think, we overdo our love for perfection. We will show a fat police officer and the most obvious understanding would be that he is corrupt. (Funny it is), we create metaphors that define people or the eventual turn their characters will take without the slightest care. if you want to show a glamorous woman, our directors cant seem to do that without alcohol, which will also be the reason for her downfall. I think there are enough people who sip on a lil bit of bubbly and do fairly well in their life.

With Barfi, the director really tries to bring in the fact that everybody is entitled to human emotion. Makes an attempt to explain that not everything is black and white. human beings are complex. To think that just because the hero is finally in love with another person he would forget his first crush/love is ideal, but not real.  I like to see people who can feel a single emotion at some point. We are complex creatures, obviously we have a lot more than singular thought processes. We have some moments we are down in the dumps, but we rise out of them, eventually. Sadly, most Hindi films have a happy ending, but the end makes you think like its all come to an end. A happily ever after, except without telling us what really happens, how does someone finds this closure.  

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