Monday, May 7, 2012

Stop with the HATE already!

Its called Kannada Pride for a reason, its because the Kannadiga love their language and the way they live!. I will not have some outsider telling me differently. I am all for Maharastrians living in Karnataka, Biharis living in Maharastra, Keralites living in Punjab. why should I have any problem at all?. Its one country.

It absolutely pisses me off when people tell me I am not a Kannadiga... I am sorry, If i feel like one. I sure as hell am one. I am more kannadiga than most... but that aside. This post goes out to the Kannada Haters, let me call you the other folk!  I am sorry you do not like this state, it is your opinion, stop convincing me that I am to hate it. I dont enjoy kannada films, that does not make me a misfit in the kannada speaking society. By that standard, I should claim the American Citizenship.

Stop telling me the kannada speaking folk are less sophisticated, Every state (and Union territory) has a slum, we dont go around calling Delhi, Maharastra or Bengal a slum... you shouldn't either. The language we speak has a  pitch of its own that may be a marathi doesn't.   I am a born and bred Kannadiga and I have Maharastrian origins, am I more proud of my Maharashtrian origins? not really... we have accents, so does everybody else....

I am tired of hearing how people in Karnataka and the rest of South India have 'idli, dosa and bla' for breakfast, lunch and dinner... we don't... Our cuisine is varied and absolutely awesome. Yes! we use onions and garlic and yes its a lil healthy when compared to early morning samosas and chat..(I had to do that, I am tired of the whole -we-eat Rajma- what-do- you-eat?).   We eat rice, but not rice alone! we have 3 kinds of dal that is served every meal... the 3 kinds change on a daily basis, we have chapati and rotis and probably a billion more kinds of rotis... dont even get me started on the subzi's... just because you dont have the tastebuds for the kind of food I eat, does not make it bad food.

Yes, we are emotional.. yes we think with our hearts and yes, we are inclined to think about others before we do of our own... yes.. we get a lil carried away... we take the friendships seriously, sometimes we behave like we'd die without each other, (when infact we are comfortable on our own), but why is it a bad thing??? I am not saying every Kanndiga is like this, "some" Bangalore Auto Wallahs (Complete a******) but why  measure up a complete population because of these people?

Dear people, we don't call all other Indians(the ones not from the south) snobs, may be you should not call all kannadigas Illiterate, our sensibilities suit our needs and may be that's why we have them in the first place.

Stop being mean to your fellow kannada speaking folk, they havent done anything to cause hate. I am not saying put up with the shit they throw around about how 'kannada pride' is the greatest gift to mankind. Dont put up with the emails that claim kannada is the richest of all literary languages... Kannada is the best everything and kanndigas are best at everything... I am not being diplomatic here.. I am just being logical. You have every right to hate, just not necessary you hate everything.

And yes, its ok to say the politics in Karnataka sucks.

*Lil emotional Kannadiga*

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  1. I so LOVE this post of your's Mag! I could hear you voice while i read it.


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