Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'd rather be emotional and be happy than be practical and unloved

Somebody once asked me that being if i respect people who are practical, I sadly, said yes... now that i think of it. I have never been great at work relationships, probably because I never think of being involved emotionally with them. Practical people get along really well with me. I dont know why...

Here is my take on why practical people will probably end up unhappy, although I hope not. *God forbid*

Practical people treat most relationships in a business like fashion. they dont get that relationships take too much care. they need to be nurtured. they need to be understood.  Emotional people get it right, they make decisions with their heart. they choose to 'feel' for other people. Mother Theresa was emotional... if she calculated for everybody she treated she would probably be a millionaire! would she be a saint? No!

Practical people end up trying to explain things that need to be felt,  they want you to live the music, understand  the science behind a flower blooming, people behaving the way they do. Emotional people do not do this, they breathe the fresh air, listen to music and simply enjoy the what life brings to them. Emotional beings live life beyond the obvious.

Practical people, or whatever you call those who think everything is natural.. life, death, love, marriage, even emotional ties. Its not like that... emotional beings look at everything with a poetic sentiment, they seem to understand that everything and its beauty.

I have been speaking to a lot of people, infact every one of the people I have called friends. I have never had soul shattering discussions with friends, but I have always felt that emotional tie, i have lived their happiness, shared their grief and  been there, they have been there for me in the same manner. The ones who ever tried to induce a sense of practicality to my happiness and grief have not been respected. (sadly)
I love them, they at times give me a wake up call but I'm sure if they said it with a lil love, I'd get it better.

My friends who say "life is that way" should know that life would be a whole lot easier if they just stepped  in one's shoes, walk a mile and probably understand how they feel.

I am extremely disappointed in you practical folks,  you choose to ignore that people at times feel differently, You seem to assume your opinions are right,they are not. Your emotionally stunted side needs to grow up. You need to feel for more!  You need to close your eyes and believe that someone will hold you...  or probably will not, yet you close your eyes and truly attach yourself to people, feel for them and continuously believe them. Not to fool you... They should find you like an anchor to lean on... not like a rude wake up call that frightens the crap out of them!

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