Friday, March 16, 2012

My disappointment in Indian Television

My severe disappointment in Indian Televison lately has reached new peaks... I did not think i would be pulling the "When i was younger" line  so early. But it so looks like there is no wrong time to say the words. I don't remember many of the shows, but i know for a fact that they were better than any show as of today. Indian television today lacks imagination, humour or any logic at all.  I sat through a series of show, each getting worse with passing time. I dont want to complain about the saas-bahu crap because they are definitely bad shows. I am disappointed in   how bad they have 'become', its kinda like anti-evolution and does not follow the course of nature to become better over time. Movies that started out in black and white have come a log way to becoming ultra technology driven like Avatar! but the television industry shows went from being as awesome as dekh bhai dekh to shows like "Sassural Simar ka" i remember the show  because its so lame it becomes instantaneously memorable. I dont just talk about daily soaps, but lets looks at other shows like Roadies if I had a line to say about the show i would say " A bunch of guys who abuse" beyond that the show has nothing to offer. the so called reality shows on MTV and Channel V, the two channels that called themselves 'music' channels have ridiculous shows that I am sure no sane person will want to be associated with. shows like Steal your girlfriend and Dare to Date are an insult to dumbness (not even intelligence).

I have over these days begun to wonder how or why we have watched TV for so long, inspite of such below average shows and I remember that it was not all bad... be it Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai or Khichdi, but the list ends there. The other channels that have kept TV alive for a discerning audience have been NatGeo and Discovery Science and cartoon network, Movie Channels... had it not been for the few channels i mentioned, i am sure a fragment of the population would sell their TV and stay that way!

I also mentioned a certain something about a discerning audience, that because there is bunch of people who escape into the problem of Suhana and Naitik and some other character i cannot recall the names of. As an audience I would expect that people would just have a slightly different way of looking at the illogical and falling standards of the shows we watch. I would not expect a 10 year old to understand the word 'falling standard' because she/he hasn't seen what 'good TV standards are' but 20 year olds who have grown up on shows like Shanti, Idhar Udhar, Saans, Alpviram and DBD should not want to see shows like Balika Vadhu, Sasural Simar ka, something something rishta, the likes of them. The ridiculous names, the lame character sketches, the sad lives, the loud acting, jarring makeup, repetitive story-lines, bad editing and sloppy camera work should be enough to throw off most people.     

Ardent soap fans, I do not judge you. I truly blame the television industry for assuming that the audience is a bunch of dumb asses. I am sad that the audience is a victim of bad TV without realizing that with every show they watch, their intelligence is being questioned and judged. I am sure show producers in their house must be laughing their heads off at how gullible their viewers are. 

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