Friday, March 16, 2012

Feminine or whatever the hell they call it! :P

If i could describe what women are in a few sentences, i would. But I find it difficult to fathom on the herculean task that it would be to be able to define women. A lot of women have been wronged because of the constant stereotypes they have to put up with. workplace, bunch of friends, their spouse and a range of people. I find it funny that our gender roles have become our characteristic, i mean to care for her new born is a mother's choice, not her duty... why she takes care of her baby is because she wants to. being nurturing, "feminine" "sensitive" have absolutely nothing to do with it.

I have constantly argued with many people (often drawing shocked glances from them) about a few of the things i believe that may not be stereo typically feminine.I would like to be able to openly discuss an issue of some concern, be it politics, economics or social wrongs. Women are somehow expected to conquer the world and yet have the deep desire only to discuss fashion, gossip... i mean what the hell?!

Another funny thing i keep hearing about women is apparently their deep desire to mooch money off their boyfriends or husbands... again while this might be true, I'd like to meet the woman who would simply like to define herself as- "I depend on a man only for money".

It is worth noticing that certain men with absolutely no true idea of how capable women are, have ideas about how women are, the sad part is that their interactions with some women reinforces their twisted beliefs.

Here i was thinking that men stereotype women and that women are not really responsible for what men believe, but as i talk to more women i am convinced that the onus of the stereotyping lies equally on women too... to not be able to talk back to somebody and express exactly what they feel is frustrating and yet women do it. I pity how we often shy away from truly divulging our innermost beliefs openly only because we are petrified that we will be shunned by peers, family and society in general.

Other popular myths about women include their lack of a certain trait they call "the feminine walk", "the feminine style of clothing" and not adhering to either will almost certainly earn one the title of being a "lesbian" and in less rude place the tag of being a "boy" (like thats in anyway better).

i have no hassles being a man/woman/both/neither. I have problems defining the tag. i have issues with the Association for the Sustenance of Stereotypes (ASS :P) I am convinced that this is an actual group like the illuminati or Priori of Sion, that spreads the dreaded myths in such an organised way for some many decades. I have problems with people who believe that certain people are"supposed" to be a certain way.

I dont intend on rubbing in the fact that we are in 2012 and we should be on a more modern line of thinking, because time or technology have nothing to do with how we look at people. Men/women/others. its angers me that women are expected to be womanly-womanly being so undefined, men expected to be manly no matter how uncomfortable it makes either of us. I know for a fact that men who can cook or a man who does the dishes is looked as a revolutionary... i find it rather laughable that the ability to wash a pan makes somebody "different".

i think this frail attempt to define what women are should be given up on and everybody should just let other people be. it will make way for general harmony... isnt that the world we really want to live in?

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