Sunday, March 18, 2012

My stint with Corporate India!

At first i thought i will simply upload the article i wrote about Biocon for college. But i realized no! i could not do that to my blog :)
So me begin with how I even got started with the whole thing. A good friend of mine interned with Biocon and happened to give me an email id... which well later got processed for an interview and then to the offer. all that was the easy bit.. the real challenge was when work started... let me not complain about it so early on into the post.

My life at Biocon was pleasant , the people from my dept were welcoming and warm. I had a blast around them. Well a few days (just one) was enough to tell me i am not your typical corporate kid . Either I lack the ambition or I lack the inclination. I did not enjoy being stuck behind a computer, I wanted to get my hands dirty. But i know for a fact that unless you are really really high up, there is very lil you can do in terms of radically changing anything around you. 

Biocon was amazing, but I feel Idon't belong in a corporate, not because of the company because I dont fit in. Ican be a number crunching executive but i wont enjoy it, it is not my idea of a job. I was told that it is a thankless job which it is, everybody I converse tells me that HR people are snobby or rude, which is not the truth at all, HR guys just as human as any other department. I guess when you have something to do with a persons salary, you are bound to be the bad guy!
Also me having a good time at the office! Like I said "fun"

I felt like I could belong in a science(y) place like Biocon, but sadly there are just to many smart people who would not be to comfortable associating with a lowly intern. I was in awe of the smart people from every dept throwing around technical jargons like they were nothing, I honestly felt like I was infiltrating the ranks with pure dumbness. I saw these finance and marketing guys going at numbers and stats and talking about Biocon, making presentation and lot of that... i was impressed, ask me if i want to be that person who has no time to myself, I will sadly decline. The research guys I don't even know what they kept talking about so I will not even comment about it! :)

 Initially I wished I had a few intern friends,who would be just as clueless as me. Also I was too scared of having to eat lunch alone. Food being a part of who I am deserves a separate post itself, let me not get into the details of the awesomeness of the food at Biocon, because at 1 in the morning I would not want to be hungry! :) Few days into my internship I had become good friends with a few of the employees themselves. they were sweet to me also considering that I was an HR intern I felt pampered, I am sure I got a few other interns (from other depts) jealous as well

Apart from being an eye opener, I feel that interning with an Indian company just added something in terms of understanding work culture. Biocon is not pretentious or high headed they have their priorities right, they don't over invest on employees just to keep them happy, they provide for the basic needs and then K Sera sera, if somebody is dissatisfied  with their job, they are. It is not the company's fault if one does not enjoy their job. I like that about the company. They simply let go of people.  I enjoyed working with the people at Biocon, it was really nice to go each day to cozy office of 5 people and then talk well into the day (while working ofcourse) and then at the end of the day say the bye bye's and leave.

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