Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate and William and all the brouhaha

This is my take on the Indian media and the obsessive compulsive coverage of everything that west perceives as important. The Indian Media has always been of the attitude of ‘India First’. But the moment something big happens in the anypart of the world, the Media is all “this is the biggest thing of the century”. Be it elections in the USA or the wedding in England. I mean a lot of big things have happened in India too. But no! We want to get a minute by minute detail about the wedding. Is it just me? Or is it absolutely insane that we indulge almost obsessively in the what the others are upto. I really don’t think of it as important if Kate Middleton says “I wont obey my husband, but I’ll love him” it really does not matter. I live I the part of the world that right now is so riddled with scams and controversy. It just ceases to interest me that the Prince and his girlfriend will have the most expensive wedding ever.

Firstly, I get the point that the wedding is a big deal, yes I also agree its news. (many debate that) but what I dont get is why should hours of TV time be dedicate solely to the coverage of the wedding. Isn’t that the job of the “entertainment channels” who will painfully go through every single detail of the event. Right from the wedding venue, to the wedding cake, to Kates Hair and make up to her wedding vows. Of course also with the critical analysis of the same.

I mean lets reflect on the big stuff that happened during the time where Kate and William were the most important thing.

· 2G/3G scams

· Kalmadi went to jail

· 5corporates also went to jail

· Jaipur had a 14 year old King!

· Nepal has encroached very happily into Bihar

· Acute depression in the Army, a jawan killed 4 other

· Purulia expose, Latvian eyewitnesses came forward!

All the media did was cove Kate Middleton! What she ate, how her ring was? When was the last big wedding before this one?! I really do not care. Lets reflect back on some of the things, Presidential election in USA, how it affects India? That is news. If Obama will get his daughter’s a dog, that is not news! I don’t care if Michelle Obama is the most stylish wife, I don’t care if he runs everyday, I don’t care if he plays basketball. The media should learn that news is new only if it affects the people you cater to. This leaves the question of people wanting it. The question really is, are you simply looking to please people? There are certain things we like to know, for that we have fluff channels like TLC and Imagine and NDTV good time. Not news time.

I absolutely disagree that news channels are platforms for personal stories or memoirs. News stories cannot make somebody’s life their main story.

I watched and watched as news broadcasters reported live from England. The only thing in my mind really was “why?” I mean really how important is this to me? Being from the media, I truly get that people like celebrity lives. But your regular news viewing audience is hardly of that sort, you cant feed them what you think is news and expect them to love it.... or maybe you can. But that’s not the point. News as far as I know is serious business more so when it comes down indulging in fluff pieces.By fluff pieces I mean -- how India has lost the royal connection. My question “ so you want the royal connection?, you are about 70 years late”. I mean who gets invited and who doesn’t are both private and definitely not of national interest. The wedding is not a small private affair neither are the US elections. That I agree with, what Kate and William do on the time even they term private is absolutely their business! Stop bugging us!

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