Tuesday, November 30, 2010


WOW! and again wow!! i loved the movie social network! its is brilliant, mocumentary style of film making, more importantly intelligent the movie revolves around a website rather than people which makes the movie special. the movie revolves around what mst of us have in common - facebook!!
the movie tries to portrays the maker in a rather different projections, the movie has a nail gripping pace to it, the movie starts with intelligent gibberish and then simply begins to grow on you! well there are a few reasons why one should watch SOCIAL NETWORK

  • It is made really well.
  • The movie offers a lot of infotainment.
  • Facebook is like the second best thing after the internet! we should know what happened.
  • The social Network is a movie for most ages.
  • The movie extensively stresses on how FB addicted we are.
  • The movie does not speak of Zuckerbergs personal life at all! which is great, cuz the focus is the controversy and not the maker.
  • Facebook, is no more to meet friends, it more like a virtual life to lead, meet people, and spend time with them. the movie establishes that.
  • The movie says "no idea is a bad idea"
  • The movie goes from the hero from being the Havard Grad who is pissed off to super businessman! *slimy and all*
  • The movie tell you never to tick of a Geek... you never know :)
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