Sunday, December 5, 2010

buying books!

Talk about splurging on books... boy its a royal shopaholic extravagance with not guilt attached! being a self acclaimed book enthusiast (lol) ok, enthusiast is not there word, freak is more like it... anyway, having spent some quality time searching up books and buying on them, not once did i feel i should not be buying em! that's the best thing about spending on a book is that it is more an investment than a whim expense :) well, i had a very intellectual day spending time with one of my besties... at the planetarium and then walking to heritage sites and boy i had fun, to be completely crazy and free , nothing compares, it was total retail therapy.... and later we went in to to buy books, and later some more books :) i added a few to my collection, an Asterix to the family book collection and im super proud of it... i dont know why but i just loved it, make me feel different, books are a part of my identity, and i cannot imagine having to let go of it, it will be like leaving a loved one, a very personal piece of my identity! people know me a crazy, eccentric and hyper, but also as somebody who loves books, reads comics and enjoys them even at 21.

Books are the perfect remedy to escape the craziness of the outside world
and slip into the craziness inside the book, i always live the life of the main character and at one point i find myself in a situation of total dismay and immediately i see myself rising up to the occasion and then becoming this awesome person, which is kind of the way i picture my life to be. anyway no ones life is half as happening as the one in the books. may be thats why people write books and we read them. Authors want to describe the perfect life, and we who read them want to live them even if it is at a very subconscious level . so the idea behind reading and buying books is to keep the insanity alive in a way that it serves well for the reader and for everyone around him.

The character i enjoyed being while reading was Howard Roark, from Fountainhead!! his eccentricities stayed with me, and continue to do so even now, at times when somebody says "whats with you?" i say Howard Roark! and i love the reaction, they always go "your crazy", and they realize that i might as well be obsessed with Roark so they simply say "hows the book?" and i go on describing the book!!. situation two is if they've read fountain head, they always go "me tooooo! its brilliant right?" and i go "totallllyyyyyy"!!


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  1. to understand a person, their writing is the way. our fears, hopes, dreams and expectations all come out in writing. nothing lays down a person more bare than their writing.

    as for the readers - "A fiction a day keeps insanity away!"


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