Saturday, November 27, 2010

roomates from hell!

well, having lived in the hostel for the last 6 months if there is one thing im glad, is that i dont have difficult and hard to deal with roommates who can make living pure hell! i mean this from the bottom of my heart, i mean people who absolutely hate everything about you, you hate them, they bitch about you, u do the same, life seems sad and unbearable. i have heard stories about roommates from hell, the ones who live dirty (filthy!), dont bother about your space and the likes of that, people have freak roommates who wish their roommates make themselves as scarce as possible, but luckily as roommates we cant have enough of of each other!! :) *wink*
I know most of us have similar stories to share, but yet as an exception we experience the "hell-effect". my roommates definitely have a sense of humor, how else can you bear with all the crazy joking and the good natured insulting and fooling around. Roommates practically are your family on campus, and if you cant make peace with them, one year of a very happy year will be ruined just like that!!
My roommates have taught me a lot of things, that will remember for the rest of life, like speaking softly on the phone, sleeping in late night! eating fruits :) (yes!) planning for VERY much in the future :), looking at the bare positive of things, understanding that life well is more than just doing things, its about being a team and doing stuff together... including getting

My roommates have certain things that make them ideal roommates.
  • they dont bother what you think, or what your beliefs are.
  • they care if your unwell.
  • they wake me up in the morning!
  • they make sure I am sane.
  • They keep my imagination and insanity alive.
  • my roommates love food! and will always share it :)
  • My roomies are independent and yet like to be accompanied!
  • They keep distance when they gauge they should.
  • they love movies.
  • They are honest.
  • they have VERY few crazy ideas - tht cud put us in trouble
  • They have a sense of humor.
  • They are superbly clean!
  • They agree with me (not alws but generally)
  • they're always on for a good argument! (one thts just for augments sake)
  • They dont mind the good natured leg pulling,like being called Loser :)

MOSTLY BECAUSE THEY LOVE ME!! :) -with all the craziness :0

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