Friday, November 12, 2010

The bucket list

Inspired by the movie and HIMYM... i gave it a lot of thought and decided, hell why not, if i do everything on the list, it'll mean im insane and good to go! else, tht im just growing up and need time... cuz time teaches! well, sounding smart is the first thing dumb ppl do! and so i think my list will include a lot of these... the bucket list is mostly about the stuff i wanna do, be, see, tell, reconsider... evaluate... i have in the past made lists... and im pretty good at them, but the bucket list is different... the list is way into the future wen i may just be able to think of things to do and not do them... i thought to myself... look " i may or may not forget certain people, incidents my ambitions ect, but what if i do?" it scared me and shook me to my senses that i obviously wont forget important stuff, hence i decided... hell! let me remember the stuff that i could forget, which i the stuff that really makes me "Myself" right now.
few things on my bucket list shall be

  1. watch a lot of sitcoms!
  2. remember all the people who made a difference.... for whatever reason
  3. remember how much i lovee writing
  4. remember chocolates
  5. never be too uptight about rules and deadlines
  6. work only if it makes you happy!
  7. bla bla bla!!! :)

progress of the bucket list will be posted later :)

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