Monday, October 18, 2010


this feeling of the last exam is one that hardly ever fails to excite me the feeling of, the last 3 hours of a semester end! the sound of happiness reverberates in my mind so often, im compelled to listen to my mind and say "ah! lets call it the end!" i dont really study late or start early... i have no idea what i really do... im a staunch beliver tht exams cannot tell me who i am... ah but who listens?

i am overwhelmed by the people who study, but to lazy to take the cue and begin myself... the last exam is the time i truly understand the meaning of what just got over! its a major part of your life! imean by the end of a semester you've come 1/4 of the way you set out to cover!
my undergrad sem exam was simply splendid! i had begun to look at things the way they should be.... not so seriously! i took a break from all tht was driving me insane! :) i took a moment(s) to simply relax.... watch tv and have a blast....

the lst exam is truly magical... cuz you know, tht soon enough you'll be writing more last exams... and yet you look fwd to the break it promises.... i cannot wait to feel "free" not that im bound by anything, its just the freedom of going back and not having to wake up to study! to have the feeling of "all's been done" and i have nothing to worry about for the next year...month... week or day!

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