Monday, November 15, 2010


The greatest show ever made is without a doubt FRIENDS, i mean how can something never get old, 10 years and no stale jokes! boy thats got to be a record of some kind, i mean, i have been watching friends for the past ten years in bits and pieces and have been watching it regularly for the past three years and im hooked on to it! and im sure there are other shows that are really nice, like HIMYM but thats like the only one. i love every episode of the show, but nothing compares to FRIENDS, a gang of friends who live together, the show is not slapstick and in your face, honestly, i have met characters like Monica and Chandler, may be even a Phoebe! they are real people, who live a life like many of us do... what is great about the show is the ease with which it moves, episode by episode, not once does the flow of event seem absurd, which is not the same for some other shows, i love all ten seasons of friends, and remember each one of them! i know what their wearing, what they're going to say, i knpw friends like the back off my hand, and yet, here i sit and watch friends every night, i start from season one, and by the time i reach season ten, im ready for the second helping of season one! FRIENDS, started in 1994, and is still on air, at prime time, its like Sherlock Holmes, FRIENDS and SH are 2 of my favourites!
friends has made me obviously laugh and sometimes cry, friends has, many may not agree or may think as an exaggeration has helped me make a few choices in my life, i wudnt have made had i not seen it on the greatest show ever made

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