Tuesday, September 28, 2010


thhis has been a fun week.... i have had a lot of fun, meeting people, eating out... and having icecreams.... all that made me laugh a lot but recently did i discover that i smile very few occasions.... weird huh? i laugh but don't smile? ya, random person here! lol.. anyway i smile wen im talking to people i like, i smile wen the memory of a friends pops into my head, i smile to myself.... well recently i smiled a really toothy smile when i got my internship approved! biy tht really made me smile, cuz it was sumthg i was hoping wud happen and it did, like just randomly... the morning i woke up knowing nothing about the internship and here i was returning home with one!
later that day i spoke to a friend, well an acquaintance... or may be a frend... and i was smiling... like really smiling! it feels good!

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