Wednesday, December 16, 2009

on finding my treasure trove!

Well every year as a part of my cleaning ritual (yes!) i take on the task of putting my books in order, keeping my cassettes in the right cases (nothing like the old tapes!) this time i decided to extend my territory to cleaning up this really old bookshelf expecting to search for my old books the fairy tales i read when i was a kid! and i did find a few of them there was Snow White and the seven dwarfs! (i read it again!) Cinderella, and Rumpelstiltskin (I still don't understand why any children's book would have such a difficult name!) and the likes of it.... well i then realized that the book in that small bookshelf did not belong to just me.... they were what should ideally be called "family property", being avid readers in the family it was hardly a surprise that i found books that belonged to my uncle, my dad for that matter my grandfather (I found a book a called "Pages from Pickwick" that was so old....) I really don't know if i will ever read it... but the fragrance of old paper is so beautiful it has this characteristic smell, that nothing can replace... i found a treasure of books be it the Arthur Hailey, Irving Wallace and im absolutely amazed at how there is a book your searching for and its right there under your nose! and each of these books are so brilliant! (i love my family for keeping the books) each time i read them I feel more connected to this beautiful quote i read "The right books always find their way into your life just when you need them" and so it does, when i feel i am growing into one genre of books a diffrent kind of book comes by and i fall for it instantaneously! that's the brilliance of a good book! I found WW2 when i was reading Harry Potter World war 2 grew on me! it did.. i read loads of stuff about Hitler, Anne Frank and similar kind!just then i found these fun "college life" type of books and i switched! so jumping from one genre to another has become such a huge part of my reading habit that now i have become compulsive about reading something new every single time!

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