Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Books on college!

Well, the trend of writing about college life is one that a lot of authors think is a bestseller material..... surprisingly, the once upon a time "geeks" on campus become authors of books that have absolutely nothing to do with "acads". well after reading about 7 books on the fun people have in college it just seems a little weird that something so lame happens in a campus like say the IIM or IIT, this is in direct reference to Chetan Bhagat with 5 point someone (read it... loved it!) well that somebody good enough to get into IIM, is such a misfit! well talk about business schools that just keep getting "cooler" by the day! every book in this genre is like a mushroom on Bhagat's 5 point someone, every book wishes to make the reader realise that a premiere institute is not premiere after all! you can still flunk! and sort of be proud.... reading Chetan Bhagat- 5 point someone or Abhijit Bhaduri -Mediocre but arrogant, or say Joker in the pack, Anything for you maam, MBA (Married but avaliable), Karan bajajs' Keep off the grass.... or any other for that matter ,all these books deal with life on campus, rather the ("life on campus - the insiders view to what really happens")the books are a good read, but somehow the monotony needs to be broken some where it can't be only how criminal you can be or how lucky you can get, how everything can go absolutely wrong, and all this courtesy your foolishness! (lol)... well Anything for you mam was a good break-its like a treasure hunt almost like a chase to meet the girl he loves and all the complication in between. but the rest with a lil difference of language seem to be cashing in on the fact that people enjoy reading about what they were not able to do in college. I am a fan of this genre of book, the plot always appeals to me but somewhere all the books appeal to me just because they are similar!

Well all this reading has led me to a conclusion that either all these authors have had this kind of fun! (and boy! are they successful) or these novels are a mere fantacy of the minds of the authors who were never able to have this fun, but always wished they would!

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