Friday, October 7, 2016

Do you eat meat? #Day6 #DailyChatter

Since I've started talking about TV and TV shows, I started think about the things I really watch. I wonder if Youtube food channels qualify as "TV". Not really, but for the purposes of this blog lets just say that they are. Anyway, I am a huge Nigella fan, and let's just admit it, you are too. I don't know what I love about that woman, is it the sweet British accent, the richness of a her food or the general simplicity of the food.

Nigella pushed me to write a research paper on her. I've watched most of the Nigella cooking episodes, either on TV or on Youtube and I've been in search of one more presenter who can weave the same magic as her. Nigellas tone is one of the many things that drew me to the show, plush her cutlery. I wanted Nigella's kitchen. Her menu is simple, she is warm and welcoming her food looks basic and you know it looks effortless but really isnt.

One of the things you do get to see when you watch Nigella is slabs of meat she so graceful slits, spices, marinates and cooks, fries or bakes. I am a vegetarian and I still can't pull my eyes away from seeing her cook Turkey and chicken and some other kinds of meat. It brings me to the question, are we watching TV to gain information or because of the story? Well in my case, its mostly because I love looking at food, the colour and the story. I love listening to Nigella about how she doesn't care about putting in time, but gets perfect results. For me it stops being about information when you can tell a story and a really good one at that.

Make me laugh, make me imagine the food, make me think about your show for hours afterwards. Good shows stay. 

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  1. Oh I think Nigella talking about food is like heaven .. It feels so good when she kneads the flour and bakes those cakes .. hands all dirty and those close close very close shots of food .. you can almost smell the aroma , taste that delicious flavoursome food . I just love Nigella.
    Esp the bits towards the end of the show , when she's sharing that awesome food with friends or catching a slice of a cake or something in the middle of the night.
    You are so right , she makes the whole process look so homely , accessible , achievable , effortless.

    I've felt that about food too & am a vegetarian too.

    infact not just Nigella , the movie Chef & Julie and Julia , the masterchef episodes - they have these beautiful stories . Their passion for the food - that connect . Hmm.. It brings me this strange happiness am so happy you blogged about it .. :)


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