Monday, April 25, 2016

The unexpected joys in little things

You know what's funny? Finding a piece of writing from almost a year ago and realizing the kind of person you've become. Here is something I wrote:

" Ah, so it begins. A beautiful  summer's day. After what was described to me a a rather terrible winter and a late spring, hints of green and birds chirping have finally called in. When I was at the airport in Detroit, a woman asked me what i was thinking before i moved here. No joke. Day one in Erie, i thought I was in Forks (sorry, but only a twilight reference would truly cut it).

A month of no sun and today I was greeted by the warmest most beautiful feeling. The sun hitting my face, me actually feeling warm. Actually wanting to take my feet warmers off  and soak in as much of the sunny goodness as I could, feels refreshing.

Where I live is a tiny little town, people are warm but to themselves, so imagine my surprise   when my neighbour waved to me and told me "God bless you, it's a beautiful  day"

Honestly, I am not even sure what is culturally acceptable and what isn't. Do you talk, not talk, ask them stuff or not. So i keep to myself. So far, it's done me good. But today, I couldn't resist the sun, I just had to go out and read in the porch. Not that I see many people doing it, so again, is this okay?'

I saw the postman, in shorts. Not sweater. 3 birds chirping, the snow slowly melting and I just knew it was a sign to go breathe in the outdoors." 

Reading this made me wonder how much I looked forward to the little joys in life. The little unexpected joys in life are few and far apart, or are they? I wonder do we really take the time to wait and examine each moment? We're so caught up chasing the big deal joys like jobs, promotions, our next home, next paycheck, our next venture, our next trip or our weddings, anniversaries and what not. 

Being by myself, I learnt to intentionally  seek out happiness. My small joys at this point in life included long walks with my husband or the Sunday night fireworks from a near by theme park.  My little joys brought me more satisfaction than anything else. Even now, a constant thought is -  are you taking the time to soak in the sun? 

I wonder, what was the last minuscule thing that got me excited?  I think, spotting Chevron pattern on a footover bridge. I am not trying to get philosophical, that's not my terrain. I am not someone who celebrates a refreshing bath or a hot cup of coffee and I feel like  we're missing out on our 'big calling' at being satisfied by ignoring the small stuff.

Will being happy over the small stuff make you overly positive? Not really or rather I hope not. I know from personal experience that overly positive  people can be a bit annoying. I am not looking for eternal optimism, be sad if you're sad. Just be happy, when you need it. 


  1. I agree, it is the little things. :-) Thanks for sharing, Maggie.

  2. True…when we go about chasing our huge dreams we tend to turn a blind eye on the little pleasures on the way. Surely, that sunny morning must have been refreshing. And we really must 'take our time to soak in the sun' (Loved the quote).

  3. Things which happen unexpectedly, and make me extremely happy:
    1. A guest bringing in foreign chocolates
    2. A really nice lengthy comment on my blog post
    3. A friend tagging me in an Instagram post, specially when it's a deep thought or poem.
    All these things mean that someone really is thinking about me, even at time when I don't, and that's totally unexpected for me.
    There are too many times when we start prioritising things that shouldn't really be given all our time and energy. That's the time we should sit back, and invest some time in being happy!
    The last paragraph is just spot on! <3

  4. That was so lovely Maggie! Finding little oases in the vast canvas of life, helps break monotony while stimulating the mind and soul. An eternal optimist, I always look out for rainbows when it rains!
    @KalaRavi16 from

  5. What a positive, warm feeling fills in every word of this insightful post :)
    Isn't it a pity that people of the world are warm but mostly to themselves. It all boils down to the little things, the journey called life. Living them to the fullest matters most.


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