Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Relationship lesson like no other

When you're by yourself in a far away country, you realise the importance of support systems even more. Thankfully for me, I had 'the boy'. This is a story about a an exciting experience, the first of its kind for me. After a happy unplanned holiday in Hershey, Pa we decided to take on another offbeat path - we went to Ricketts Glen state park, a  gorgeous state park in Benton PA that feels like it's straight out of dream. While looking up information we realised that hikers had about 4 or 5 routes that they could walk along depending on fitness and stamina. Now, I am not the fittest person, while the husband is an avid trekker. We were a little conflicted about which path to take. Take the easy less scenic route or do we take the difficult (6 mile) route that is absolutely delightful to look at. Guess the route we took.

6 miles wasn't going to be easy, I was more than hesitant to start because from step one it was clear that there was no turning back, literally and figuratively. With a map in one hand, bottle of water in another, we started walking. I even found a walking stick that became my companion. I would have brought it back if it wasn't for the excess luggage (plus, it is unsafe as  I could be contaminating the wildlife by bringing bugs/fungi etc). Dotted with about 12 waterfalls of different sizes the Ricketts Glen state park is a sight of beauty. Lot's of people of different ages were having a great time, couple walking hands in hands, old couple helping each other out, teenagers laughing, running and racing each other. This was turning out to be better than I imagine it to be.

What about me? I was incredibly happy. But half way through, I was tired. I was taking too many water breaks. Waiting for longer periods of times, basically, I was a mess. But you know what they say, a little joke or a little motivation can take you a long way. The husband kept me going, he'd keep telling me about how little was left. Or he'd show me some old aunty who was walking faster than me and I'd have a spurt of energy that would make me want to walk a little faster.

I learnt a few things that'll stay with me for life, relationships are like a hike. They look easy. Relationships are going to have ups and downs, if you're lucky, more ups than downs, but expect both. Take the longer but more scenic route, it is going to worth it. Enjoy the company. The journey is long and treacherous, a little help,  a special someone makes everything worth it. Stop and smell the flowers. There is no point in running, it is not a competition. Anyway, we're all going to end up on the same finish line.  


  1. What a lovely way to draw parallels. Brilliant!
    [@samantha_rjsdr] from
    Whimsical Compass

  2. The last paragraph is just so <3 *weeps*
    True, there's nothing better than taking the longer but more scenic route. The analogy is just so damn perfect! :)

  3. Life does teach us lessons in the unlikeliest of ways especially in terms of relationships. Nice post.

  4. That sounded like a trek to remember :)
    Great relationship lessons there but the last one is my favourite to be and enjoy every moment rather than rushing things.

    @theerailivedin from The Era I Lived In

  5. Hi Maggies. That's really a wonderful and meaningful post on Relationship. It's really full of ups and downs, depends on how we take and enjoy it. Keep writing!! :)

    @bloggerabhi1 from

  6. I enjoyed reading your post. Visiting from atoz


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