Thursday, April 21, 2016

Shopping can change your life.

I don't go shopping regularly. I am mostly, oversized tshirt and pants kind of a person and it works well. It's not  that I don't like shopping, it's not exactly up my alley. I wont seek out days that I can go on a shopping spree. As luck would have it, my husband is even worse than me. He hates shopping. The idea of a changing room is revolting. I remember the time we were at Old Navy and I had to beg him to buy a pair of jeans (his favourite pair, now) but that day, it was like getting the horse to drink the water. 

While I acted the pro shopper with him, I am also a little shopping shy, I don't buy clothes  when I am with others, I feel like I am wasting their time or I end up buying stuff that I did not like all that much just because I feel guilty for wasting someone's time. I had always wondered how that was going to work out once I was married, especially since I would have to take my husband shopping (He was my mode of transportation).

Given that I am from the south, I don't exactly have to buy clothes for seasons, I don't have a scrict winter-summer collection, but back in Erie, it was extreme. I had to go shopping for seasonl clothes and what fun (sarcasm)! I was picking randomly and weird quirky clothes. Meanwhile, the husband waited patiently as I went from rack to another just looking for the perfect sweater. I never thought he would be interested. It's not like he's ever shopped for  women, much less, wife. 

Afte I emerged from a mountain of clothes, mostly defeated because nothing really fit me well. Too long, too short, too tight for my shoulders, too loose near my knees; American sizes are not my friends. I was still looking around but also feeling guilty that I had made him wait for so long before I decided  to abandon the entire search. But here's the thing about the boy, if he puts his mind to something he will make it happen. I don't know how, and this is why I say 'Miracles happen', one after the other he picked out the most fun sweaters, shirts and t shirts for me. He even put together an outfit, complete with sunglasses, he picked out a purse and everything. Even now, when we go shopping, I hear him randomly saying " I found something that is so you" and I wonder how I've never seen this person before. 

There are so many layers to a person and most of the times, we judge them by the very little we know about them. Even now, after 1.5 years, I find out the weirdest things about him. I am sure there is a lifetime worth of stuff that we'll keep realising about each other.


  1. That's what life and companionship are all about. Explore and self- realizations about each other. Nice post though. Keep writing :)

    @bloggerabhi1 from


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