Monday, April 11, 2016

A little piece of India, somewhere far away! #AtoZChallenge

This is a story of a special someone who made it to my heart almost instantly. The connection to where this person lives is also rather unique. I remember when I'd just moved homes, I had to post a package to Indiana, the nice cashier lady said it would be 300 dollars because she thought I said "India". So starts my story of one of my favorite places because of one of my favorite people.

In early April, we decided to take a trip to meet my sister in law (sounds weird to call her that). Anyway, after an 8 hour drive, we were home and there she was, waiting in the cold, the snow was just starting to lift but it was 1 in the night and somehow the cold didn't really matter. We hugged and instantly I knew I'd found someone I could call a "confidante". I wasn't exactly a stranger to her, but we'd met all of once - during my wedding and for a few days after. But given how chaotic everything was, we'd hardly had the time to sit down and talk. Husband dear is extremely close to his little sister and I can see why; she's funny, she's independent, she smart and she has a good heart. Who wouldn't love someone like that?

A female friend is perhaps the most important relationship you can have. About a year younger than me, we connected instantly on a number of things, mostly books, our love for coffee, friends, our views on a lot of things and our our general love for teasing 'the boy'. Through the many months that I lived in Erie, I visited her a few times. All through the year, I kept reaching out to her for more than one thing. Sometimes, I'd call just to talk about nothing at all.

I'm not the one to boast about too many friends, but I do have a lot of people I consider extremely close and my sister in law is one of them. We've discussed pretty much everything from eyeliners to boys, we've covered it all. It didn't take us too long before we opened up either. Again, I cannot stress enough on how important having a family member that feels like a friend is. Who was this girl? to her I was her brother's wife. To me she was my husbands sister, for all my life we could have gone about exchanging pleasantries, but whats the fun in that? Making meaningful connections within your family is one of the things I learned from my mother. My other mother is also the one to reach out to people in need and it's done everyone a world of good.

We've gone shopping, ice ream eating, taken several pictures of us, celebrated my birthday with her, we've even cuddled. However, one of my most fun memories is about the time we visited the majestic Niagara falls, milky waters gushing down with incredible speeds; just too amazing an experience. My sister in law is a little water shy, but there she was facing her fear; that'll always be the image I'll have in mind. Another wonderful memory I have is of us cooking, I'm a little food shy; I don't eat well or that's what I've been told; she went out of her way to accommodate me; she even made me some pasta, because that's the only thing I'd eat well. That's the heart I was talking of, right there.


  1. Finding a good friend in a close relation in the family, with whom you feel a bonding almost instantly is a blessing. I'm glad and your SIL connect so wonderfully and that pasta looks super tempting.

    You have a way with your words Maggie that makes me love every post you write. I'm certain to follow you beyond the A to Z Challenge :)

  2. That was so heart-warming Maggie! Yes, one does need a confidante and if you have that in your close family then truly blessed! The therapeutic benifits of open or heart-to-heart talks are manifold as well. Cheers to such bonding!
    @KalaRavi16 from

  3. Wonderful bond :)
    Yes having a friend is must with who we can share things and enjoy with :)

    @dixita011 from
    Cafenined words

  4. What a wonderful bond you share with your sister in law! Having close friends among close relations is a blessing indeed!

    Modern Gypsy

  5. This is one of the best thing that could have happened.I am so glad . Life becomes easier and pleasurable.

  6. This is one of the best thing that could have happened.I am so glad . Life becomes easier and pleasurable.

  7. that was so warm and you surely got to have someone who you can confidante into :)

  8. Very heart warming and brought back memories of my best friend who was more like a sister to me. I still have a hard time coping with her death. Everyone needs that special someone.

    Laura Hernandez
    @VoluptuousBDiva from
    The Voluptuous Book Diva
    YA Book Divas

  9. Friend, soul mate, partner, whatever you would like to call it. He is confidante with whom oyu can share anything

  10. A girl bestie is always better than having too many friends who know nothing about you! The way you explained the friendship you have with your sis-in-law is just fab :)
    Glad to have found your blog via the challenge!

  11. Aww Maggie <3 I just relived those happy moments reading these beautiful lines. Come back to Columbus and we can have more fun.
    Miss you!


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