Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Do you enjoy being alone? What do you do when you're by yourself?

I do. I love being by myself. "If your happiness depends on people, you'll never be happy"

I live by this principle, I made it mine a long time ago. Call it being an only child or call it being brought up by very independent people, or growing up in an all girls convent. I don't know. I've always enjoyed being by myself. I was very tiny when I learned to entertain myself. I absolutely love friends, I love my family but I also love my solitude. I have no problems going for hours on end without a conversation.

I centered my life around fairly simple things like reading, sitting on a swing, listening to music, sitting in the library, walking by myself. These things shaped my attitude towards loneliness as well. When you like the company of the person you are when you are alone, you'll never be lonely.

Quiet time has over the years helped me get comfortable with everything around me. I started registering things I like, I had time to dwell on things; while that's not always so great, it's a huge opportunity to learn about oneself.

I need my quiet time. I need to shut myself to the world. No amount of friends and family can come in way of that. We often clutter our lives with people, situations, but crowding your life with people s not the same as knowing them. Of the 500 Facebook friends how many do you call? Of the 200 Twitter followers how many have you connected with? It's not the number of people. I was disillusioned once of thinking that more people means better living and the day my life was full of them, I realised I didn't need so many. Just the few I could count on. How did this come about? It's those quiet moments, who do you think about when you are on your own? Are you giving them the place they deserve? Not to say that you don't need people. Obviously not.

I like to go out on long walks by myself. Gives me so much space. It's truly therapeutic. I like to sit in bookstores by myself. Lets me read to my hearts content. Being alone and on my own gets me prepped up for when I'm with my friends. I know that I'm not going to be stuffed. My alone time helps me feels like I'm emptying myself, refreshing myself for when I meet new people. Provides me perspective. Align my thoughts and feelings. I think everybody should have a hobby that they need complete solitude for. It's a blessing of a special kind. 

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