Sunday, December 6, 2009


1) Getting high meant on a swing
2) When drinking meant milk
4) Whistling meant at birds
5) The girls were our sisters
6) Where a crush meant either the one with lemon or orange in it
7) Cutting yourself meant with a sharp object you were playing with
8) When anything could be passed off as a fairly wearable dress for the summer
9) ‘My mum is calling’ did not mean— “ I want to avoid this conversation and want to go” it meant— my mum is calling me home, but I promise to comeback
10) Broken teeth and toys were replaced unlike broken hearts and relationships
11) “ill never talk to you- ever” meant the next 3-4 minutes”
12) When happiness was getting wet in the rain
13) Grief was having to stay indoors because your friend has fever and you wont play without her
14) Swearing meant to promise and not bad words
15) Her friends and my friends were our friends
16) Where a bad joke meant a joke that no one would laugh then
17) Physical fights were with pillows and with uncontrollable giggles
18) Smiles never existed they were only laughs
19) I want to watch TV meant with everyone
20) Anything unhygienic was good to eat
21) Only hurts were scraped knees
22) Applying nail polish was a big deal
23) Sleeping with your parents was ok infact good
24) Being independent meant staying with everybody yet doing your thing by yourself
25) Looking good never mattered, feeling good did.
26) Playing in the mud meant fun and not dirt
27) Washing your hands before lunch and dinner without gazing at the mirror trying to prefect yourself.
28) Eating with your hand was not an option
29) Partying meant a friends’ party at her house
30) Goodbye meant till tomorrow
31) Being very scared of the future included the incomplete homework due for tomorrow
32) Groups meant lots of friends
33) Enemies meant all those people in the opposite team, even if it was your best friend
34) Role playing was second nature and not embarrassing
35) Crying to your soft toy was unnatural
36) Not being perfect was perfect after all
37) Running out of cash meant you finished the 1 rupee you treasured
38) Stealing meant mangoes
39) Cheating meant to look from the corner of your eye to seek
40) Buying chocolates was an unknown notion.
41) Getting dressed took one frock and untangling thick matt hair with a comb
42) The only cosmetic was prickly heat powder
43) Gossip was bedtime stories my mother and grandmother, aunt, grandfather uncle sister and brother told me trying to get me to stop chattering and sleep.
44) Washing my cup and saucer earned me a rupee
45) There were no rules but we were much more well behaved
46) Being called dumb names meant newer nick names
47) Staying away from parents meant going to a relatives house which treated you as if I was a princess
48) Cutting out paper hearts for greeting cards was tough but we did it nonetheless
49) We believed in magicians without us doubting the tricks behind it
50) I was I kid, and this life hadn’t happened to me, it was those golden moments strung together in timelessness, this maturity brings with it new things to experiment with, but never like what childhood brought with it.

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