Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I believe in certain things...

"I am still so naïve; I know pretty much what I like and dislike; but please, don't ask me who I am. A passionate, fragmentary girl, maybe?" -Sylvia Plath
Most of my stories begin with 'In my opinion, or I have this to say about this issue because I am generally opinionated about certain things and rarely change my view on something unless proven that I am wrong. In which case I do the decent thing and accept the correct stance. 

Most days I'm okay with who I am, in fact most days I am quite proud of the person I am. But on somedays like today I really begin to question who I am and what I'm doing about the silly things I believe in and some serious issues as well.

"I believe that you should not be told that life will go on, it sucks when people tell you that everything is going to be okay when the world is crumbling around you. There is something called 'too early' when grieving. It's okay to not want to smile I believe that I am powerful but I am allowed to have my moments of weakness. I believe that I am entitled to enjoy things that aren't necessarily popular. I believe that I am a genuinely decent person, I think it is perfectly acceptable for people to hate themselves and love others unconditionally. I believe that all of us are capable of more courage than what we think. I am okay with the idea that you think I'm average. In fact I fully agree.  I believe that books with dog ears have character but I'd never buy a book with dog ears... I believe you should wake up early if it means to smell the 6 AM scents after a night of heavy downpour. I dont think is is unnatural to tear up after you read something in the newspaper, tears are a sign that the humanity in you is still alive. It is okay to not be able to cry at all"

I don't have to explain this to you, I don't have to tell this to anyone. Nobody is asking. I feel the need to do this only because I want to write this. So often I've been asked why I feel a certain way, and I really have no answer. It's a quirk, it's an essential part of my personality. Then there are things that I believe that are essentially important to me "

It is not okay to be treated like you don't matter. It is okay to be angry with people who think you are not good enough and say it so without a hint of humanity, it doesnt matter if they are right. I am disgusted with people who fail to see that certain things are important to someone. It is okay to not want to explain every emotion you feel, it is okay to avoid certain people altogether. You are better off without those who tell you you aren't dealing with things better than you could. You really don't need people to give you advice, your friends need to know when to stop, you need to tell them when to and they are obliged to listen or they are no friends. You want to fight for causes that people think are pretentious, either you get to convince them or you let them be. But if their behavior somehow messes with your head you are allowed to walk out and never look back. You are not tied to anyone."


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