Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blogging from my Cellphone

This is so uncomfortable. I have had the app for sometime now, never really blogged from it though. I mean its a great app to blog from if the only access to my blog was through this app, but generally i Wouldnt use the app. The tiny screen of the phone is uncomfortable, the feeling of writing is like writing a giant text message and not a blog post.

Generally when i blog, i have a few rituals. I make sure i have a little food around me, usually its a slab of chocolate. Also i am playing music in the back. Although somewhere between starting the post and ending it, i have almost always turned off the music. I like to have quiet around me, which is why i write after everything is still and the only thing i can hear is my fingers on the keys. I miss those clicks.
I miss the length at which i can write on my computer. Here i am not sure if this is 3 paragraphs or 3 really long lines. Also god help me with auto-correct! So annoying!

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