Monday, October 22, 2012

Peace Out baby!

This comes after a truly horrid week of self doubt and feeling miserable. But looks like I have some closure. All I needed was to reflect on who I had become and where I was headed. I have never be under confident and it always showed. The one time I started having major self doubts was a few months ago where my focus had shifted, almost completely. 

#That moment when your random internet search helps you take life changing decisions#
I was reeling under pressure to be better, be successful to do something considerable with my life and I was physically exhausted, the process like I mentioned earlier was tedious. I was looking for answers and not having them furthered my problems. I spoke to several people over the last week, I realised that EVERYBODY was truly unhappy with their life. I was obviously relieved to know that, but I felt I shouldn't be so pathetic. I shouldn't complain so much.  My problems were largely internal, acquired, intrinsic (add few words that will tell you my problems were in my head -try refraining from psychological or mental :)). I have after a week of crying (not literal) and cribbing (very literal) and complaining (like there was no tomorrow) decided to give up on it. I have promised myself to not complain. I hate how weak it makes me look, how vulnerable it makes me to bad decisions and how helpless I feel.

I did what any sane person would do, I looked for council, I spoke to my friends, my best friends, my mother, sister, went on the internet, to the street dog and well just about everybody who would listen to me complain. I got a rude wake up call, when my mother quite subtly told me that I had been gloomy for over a week and I should snap out of it because it was affecting people around me. *"Hint hint, I am being subtle" she said*. Okay! That was not true, but it was evident that my interactions with people had changed; I hadn't spoken to people in over 5 days and it was getting to them and me. I realised that I was being openly unhappy and that is not who I am. I am the generally merry one. If I was a dwarf I would be called 'Merry' -that is how fun I can be. (weird dwarf I would make) LOL.

Once is enough! Never again!
This week changed me and I would not go through it again. I wrote poetry, so clearly I was upset. One night after I heard myself complain and got bored of it myself; I kept awake till about 4 in the morning to figure stuff out. But no avail. Then I went out with my sister and while I was in the car, it struck me. I have all the time in the world. I have nothing to prove to anybody, anybody who loves me is not judging me, so what if I am unhappy with my work or with my life, there is ALWAYS some way to fix it. I can make anything challenging for myself if I took control and did stuff. What I was honestly tired of was monotony. So I decided to break away from it, to do something that would make me feel like I am doing something with my life. I decided to wake up each morning and take a walk on my terrace, to listen to new kinds of music, to read books that make me better. But most of all, I realised I just had to stop complaining, I could always ask for help, people have always helped me out, they have performed several tangible and intangible things acts of great kindness, but never because I was some miserable, mopping creature rather because I asked for exactly what I wanted. For instance, I am largely claustrophobic and I signed up for an adventure sports weekend trip in Christ I was in for a shock. I have to lie flat on my back and crawl through a cave. *shudders*. But I did it. I survived it and I lived to tell the tale! People helped me. They held my hand. I fell down (literally) and they picked me up. The only thing I really feel I need to do is DO stuff, anything. Take risks, get a little hurt, may be fall down but then pick myself up and start over. 

Life is never short; It is the longest thing you will ever get to do. 

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