Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Driving heaven? Yes, please #AtoZChallenge

I've never been driven around in the last 27 years as much as I have been in the 8 something months when I was in the US. With zero commuting options, I was forced to be driven around by the husband (driving on the other side of the road is not something I could really get used to anyway). Plus, I liked it. It created a form of dependency that we both appreciated. When we were at home, we'd never really sit down for a conversation, I mean, who does that anyway? It's possible to have a conversation about work may be, about grocery or some other domestic errand but that's it, but being stuck in a metal box for a long drive with someone really gets the conversations going. I don't think there has ever been a time where I haven't spoken to the Mister.

I loved being driven around, road trips or otherwise. The simple reason being, I could see parts of the city I would never be able to if I'd used the public transport. We'd take a new route every day and it was absolutely wonderful. Long road trips took us to remote parts of the US where the entire town was possibly 200 people, an Inn and a petrol bunk. It's was precious to get to see the domestic life of Americans, how different and yet how similar it is to ours. Running errands, cleaning up, mowing the lawns, watering the plants... you know... same old same old.

I fondly remember driving through Arizona, the sweltering heat outside, the mountainous terrain and general lack of habitation was throwing us off for a bit. Long unending roads and just our GPS to show us the way. It was quite the experience, mostly because in India, I could easily expect a few villages and towns in between. Here, there were none. We were on our own, the true idea of me (we) and road and what all the motorcycle guys were raving about, I finally understood. That solace was weird to find, it's something I enjoyed.

While I maintain that I thrive in chaos, I am also of the belief that finding that moment of calm is utterly important. 


  1. Hi Maggie. Having taken many road trips with family, I can also vouch that they can be great experiences.


  2. I really don't mind packing up my bags and going for a road trip. The only problem is, I get too lazy *hides face*
    I agree with the public transport point too. Going on your own can give you enough time to go shopping on the way, or just sit down on a rock and contemplate about life. The bus driver won't let you do all this!
    Nice post, Maggie :)

  3. Driving in states might be good for conversation, having long drives closer home here in Mumbai can drive you nuts #justsaying :P

  4. Hey Maggie, lucky that you got to be a part of solitude and serenity. I agree on the part where typically one spends quality time with the better-half in a metal-box! I use these conversations which he usually tries to escape or avoid...cunning eh?
    @KalaRavi16 from

  5. I love driving holidays!! And that picture....gorgeous! I wish I could be there. NOW!

    Modern Gypsy

  6. Great post! Driving together is not good for our marriage. He drives too fast and I nag too much about him driving too fast (the speed limits in Germany are crazy, especially on the motorway). But our talk time is when we go on our daily walk.

  7. Probably most everyone at one time or another. When the circumstances are just right, lots of people enjoy driving, even if those circumstances don't come along every day. Then there are those (myself included) who enjoy driving every time they do it. I believe that it is not the act of driving by itself that stimulate joy. But it is the exposure to what lies beyond your vehicle that gives endlessly new images and experiences. While driving our focus is more on the things that unroll in front of us rather than the mechanical parts of out vehicle. And since this scenery keeps changing every instant, it makes our life look dynamic, full of opportunities that are still left unexplored. It clears your thought, makes you perceive and understand the worlds in more realistic sense.
    In short, it breaks the monotonous life to fill it with unlimited exposure.

  8. I love driving but I don't know :o

    Nie I will learn after reading its perks ;)

    Well written .

  9. I lobe road trips too. And your post felt the same way I feel. Road journey is enthralling.

  10. Going on roadtrips is fun and exploring remote places is even better. Nice post :)

  11. The joy of talking about topics that rarely cross our minds while chasing the mundane life only adds to the charm of long drives.
    I'm with you in feeling calmness encircle me, every time I'm driving away to a far off land.


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