Friday, March 23, 2012

The story of why i need to scribble :)

Here is a rather small reasons of why i 'need' to write.

Writing is more than a passion, it is an escape. I begin wondering why I even started writing, and I am constantly led to the fact that everyone in the family has been a good with words (yes! grandparents and all). I feel like it must be them, however I don't think my writing has genetic origins, so I have been thinking of the reasons I feel reading or writing

1 ) Its an escape :The world is full of shit! My life feels like it sucks... but a book gives me hope, it fills me with a weird sunshine sorta thing.  I see that life will get better 

2) I write and read to keep myself "literate" :I believe that one must keep atleast his literacy alive and not by reading sign posts. Writing is a great outlet to use my education, its not like education helps any other way. ;)

3) I write and read to help myself  : I need to write to tell myself I'm doing something that is important to myself, I have something and I have an opinion and I have a platform, I could not have asked for more. I think i should use it.

4) I write and read to have great conversations : I have met people like me, I have had fun conversation with them the only reason being that I write/read and them too. It draws attention away from the gossip, the "outer" self image and all that. It sounds selfish, but yes, I think when people have an hobby, it makes life better because they understand why you are passionate, crazy and hopefully connect to you.

5) I write and read to keep myself sane :The insanity in a book engrosses you to the extent that you come to terms with your own insanity and make peace with it.

6) I write and read to keep my imagination alive : I believe that when you read and write, it gives your imagination wings, and beautiful wings! . In a world so lack lustre,I get to read somebody elses life that I am inspired by.

7) I live by the quote "you can't make all the mistakes yourself so you learn from others" : Reading gets me to see that in the characters and extend the same to the people I meet. I don't have to become a Harry Potter or Hermione Granger to know that kindness and bravery can take you a long way!

8) I get to add traits to my personality : when you read, you draw from the book (very subconsciously). I became the cold(awesome) in-your-face Howard Roark... ofcourse I was threatened  to give it up or been thrown out off class! But Roark lives in me.. :P

9) I  am not a better judge of a person, infact a book tells you never to judge : Everybody  has a back story, I don't feel like judging because I get it. It is difficult to comply and fit in, when you actually don't.

10) It gives me better things to invest my time in :There are issues in the world and yes one must be interested them. A article or book that speaks about an issue or a great life makes you want to do something spectacular with yourself. Its a big thing! If a book can push you towards being a good person or atleast make you have the desire to become a nice person, its a job well done.

11) Most importantly reading gives me a sense of humour : A person without a sense of humour draws pity from me... I feel sorry for people who cannot laugh or see the beauty of the laughing. A book presents me with ample laughter sometimes with joy, sometimes with sadistic pleasure and sometimes simply because of its simplicity.

This post is about reading and writing... I think both of them in my case can be used interchangeably considering that I love writing as much as i like to read... and writing does the same things as reading (to me) 

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