Saturday, December 12, 2009

reading-- like it should be!

A voracious reader would tell you that nothing affects reading ... but ask him how he would like a piping hot cuppa coffee and a warm blanket in a cozy bed! you have an "addict" somebody who will refuse to get out of bed till he finishes the last few pages, who will keep asking for refills, who will blow off every important thing just to finish.
my idea of reading is something like that, and often i have been successful at it! it sounds rather funny that somebody should put in so much of thought about the pre-reading rituals. For me i love reading best during the vacation waking up in the middle of the night when the whole world assumes that you are fast asleep...... to sneak out of bed, switch on a tiny light (just for the dramatics) and then find a blanket and begin to read.... well as a few minutes pass, the light gets irritating so switch on the real light, and begin... to turn pages till dawn, and later just when everbody is about to wake up slip in... :) later in the morning go back to the book, and start from where I left off.... this time I like to get in something to eat (well reading is brain food only) if it is sunny outside i like to sit outside by the swing, but if its cold im back into my blanket my book and cozy bed :)

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