Friday, December 11, 2009


Most people are surprised about how anybody can re-read a certain book for say 10 times.... what i don't understand is how they don't feel like re-reading?... i believe that if you found a book that you read through all the 200 odd pages that it had it is worth re-reading. Every time i read... say a Harry Potter or a Dan Brown, the excitement of reading is still like the first time I read it, I still turn pages at the same speed, living each line, may be improvising on the feeling! but definitely drawing pleasure out of it like the first time when I started it..... I know that there are bad books that you can not read because of the narration or the characters or sometimes when you realize the sadistic intentions of the author to kill a certain character! but then those books are exceptions since you never liked them in the first place
If you have a book you haven't read in say 6 months or so, its worth it to just open the book and start, the start of the book and till the time you finish it the whole understanding of the book would have reached a new level, the plot becomes clearer, the things you forgot about the plot are refreshed and moreover you just travelled back in time! to the time when you first found it, it makes so much sence to read and re-read
Sometimes something really weird can happen as well.... like this one time i started a book, and as flipped through the pages i found old book marks,(bookmarks... I stopped using them after I lost like a million of them in my books) sometimes things that you used to mark a page like say a page from a notebook where you scribbled something, sometimes if you write in the book, a small note or a you mark a few lines... its funny to read all that.....

Basically the first time you read a book you read it with the author, but everytime after that it is "your" story and "your book"

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