Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Being from an all Girls School!

The things that happen in a girls school are an enigma to everyone outside. But it is a truckload of fun and how! Different kinds of women all of whom refuse to comply with rules. It's a mad house.

I spoke about how feminism made me a better person, thus obviously making me happy. The roots to my feminist thoughts so to say were way back in my school. I went to this beautiful place called Sacred Heart Convent. Being an all girls school run by nuns means discipline is the *only* thing that is constantly being beaten into you, which means, we obviously found ways to work around it.

When you are in a girls school nothing seems impossible and I'm not going to sit here and say everybody else who went to co-ed didn't have the time of their life, may be they had more fun than I did. But being a huge part of my life  (a good 12 years) it is hard not to love school. What Convent gave me was a sense of 'you don't need no one' attitude, it put me through a lot of different lives of women (who I'm not in touch with). At least most of them. It taught me how similar and different we are. It gave me freedom of being entirely myself, because my school pushed us to do that. You were yourself or you were nothing at all.

I didn't get into too many fights in school, I made friends with like minded people, I got into lots of trouble with serious consequences. (not so serious now that I think of it). I knew I was a woman, girl, lady with or without any 'lady like traits'. Because when you go to an all girls school, you somehow know what works for you and what doesn't and it has nothing to do with the guys in your class. It just has to do with your choices. I hated the first time somebody called me a 'tom boy' because I took offense of being called a boy (lol)

Chivalry is not a guy thing, I learned this in school, I will still hold doors for people and pull chairs for them and all of it because that's how I've grown up, when you grow up with a few thousand women, you hold doors for them and not have it mean anything other than decency.

Oh! Now the fun part, it made me so vocal about everything. We got people to openly discuss these issues. When people say 'you have a gross sense of humour', I have my school to blame for it, we never had the concept of 'things that shouldn't/couldn't be discussed'. We had no hold barred talks about everything.

Yes, I often get tagged as a pompous for being very particular in the kind of SMSes I send. But when you go to a convent, they kind of make it look like a sin to wrt lyk dis.I have to type out every word. It  made me very grammar aware and I'm just going to attribute my love for the language to my English teachers and school.

I told you in my previous post about how going to an all girls college was awful and how the lessons from school helped, since I was unshy (not a real word), since I was vocal, since I was loud, it made me openly resent the things I resented; but it made the foundation to my personality that much stronger. I am not going to refuse a discussion with someone about an 'uncomfortable' subject. I will talk about it. I will.

And  just to put it out there, no going to an all girls school will not make your daughters/sisters shy when it comes to talking to men, sorry. An all girls school is not alien territory, we had friends outside of school who were guys, even if we didn't have friends out of school, trust me they'll talk to men just like they talk to women because we've no idea what its like to not talk to someone. We were trained to talk to persons and not genders.


  1. I'm from an all girls school too and I can totally relate to what you wrote out here...It's truly a mad house,,,

    Random Thoughts Naba

  2. Well, unlike me my few friends were from all girls school :) I enjoyed reading your post as it reminded me of things they did :)

  3. I've a few friends from an all girls school. Their friendship is very strong and it's definitely a madhuse when they get together. Thanks for sharing this post, Maggie :)

    Shalzzz|Loving Life
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  4. Maggie :D U shoot straight frm the hip I like that coz I'm born that way too n nothing cud change that not a co-ed school nor an all girls spirituality based college. Love the last line that U were taught to talk to people not genders :)

  5. I never knew how a all-girls school or college would be!! :(

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  6. I was in a all girls school for a while, after having studied in a co-ed most my life, it was bit of a shock, but after initial adjustments, girl it was the best time of my life....
    Completely resonating with your post.

  7. I went to co-ed only in college but my girl's school had a all-boy's school bang opposite to ours. Now you can imagine how much fun did we have!

  8. "You were yourself or you were nothing at all." I love this line of yours. What a great lesson to learn. I went to co-ed schools and I just realized I was never myself... I was always trying to pretend to be someone else. Great post and I look forward to reading more!

  9. All girls! Hope feminism didn't creep in! Tom boy! Nice post!

  10. Interesting - thank you for sharing your experience!


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