Saturday, December 19, 2009


I absolutely hate E -books! PDF's, word doc's anything! ...It is too much of an effort to read the book, and an e-book can never have the personality of a hard copy, can never replicate the feeling of turning pages, flipping a few pages... marking them or just about anything you can do with a real book like say sit in a cozy bed, sipping coffee and relish every page, the feeling is irreplaceable!
I feel Ebooks are a sure way to make me detest reading all together, it is difficult, uncomfortable and moreover there is no "reading for pleasure" concept, the whole exercise of reading is one that requires to just relax find some free time indulge in every thought of the author, but sadly Ebooks do nothing of that sort to me. they make the whole process rather complicated be it right from the time i decide to switch on my computer, where i have to make sure that i don't have to run errands, because it often happens that I switch on my computer, and by the time i finally find the page i left off, i have to shut it down and and go look after the world! (lol) ! I dont really know what the problem with ebooks is! I cannot find a good reason why one should read off the computer! (specially when you can find a copy of it).... the only Ebooks I read till date have had less than 15 pages, or have been comics... both of which took awful lot of time! and with the added pain of going through everything I mentioned above! I like books where I can flip pages and go back in a second, where I mark pages, just keep the book open when Im sleepy... dose off and then pick up from where i left off! (again the whole starting to the computer problem) the description would lead anyone to believe that I am a lazybone! but then I am one! that's why i cannot bear the labour of reading books from the computer.

Ok, as a confession i have downloaded tonnes of Ebooks I have a soft copy of every one of my favourite books! but I am very sure that Im never going to read them(i.e ebooks).... Its more like a record of the books i like than a "collection".

But I envy all those people who so comfortably read Ebooks! I am in awe of how they find absolutely no issues with it! They have a better chance of reading every other book ever written! (ok thats exaggeration!!) but seriously, to be able to read on their phones or on their Ipods or their laptops means to carry a ton of your best books without excess baggage! but Im one of the few who will never be able to shift my loyalties to the ebooks, I will always remain the "die hard hard copy" person!

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  1. and then today you told me the opposite! to read ebooks! :D


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