Thursday, April 28, 2016

Yonder; the magic that is perspective.

I've always like the word Yonder. What does that word mean? It refers to a place, distance, quite an archaic word. Hardly anyone ever uses it, but I'm sort of drawn to it. When I had to write about Y, I was thinking about a word and Yonder came to mind.

It's been some time, the rosy hues of travel have faded and yet, they are still fresh in my mind. It's something I can't get over. It's been about 6 months since I came back, I have gained more perspective. You know how they say, when you're too close to something, you can never see the whole picture. That's exactly what has happened with me. Roughly about 6 months on, doing a visit of my life in the US has been refreshing and has given me a big picture view of my life in general. How this trip affected me, my relationship and my interactions.

I've put a lot of distance between me and my experience. I remember a time where almost everyone I met kept saying 'Why aren't you writing about America?' and I kept thinking, why am I not? and now, I am glad. If I had written back then, I would most certainly have missed out on the magic that is perspective. I would have missed out on looking at the big picture. Of taking in the entire experience as opposed to the minuscule details of my days. There is joy in journaling, I am a big fan of writing down specific dates, places and marking my calendar, but I am not a fan of blogging my everyday life. I like a blog to be like a perfect cup of coffee, letting the hot thoughts brew for sometime before the essence of the chaos comes thorough clearly.

I wonder, what would my blog look like if I wrote without perspective, without hindsight. My blog would be empty ramblings of nothing in particular. As a writer, I craved for experiences and not regular ones, I craved for big, bold experiences. Ones that'll change my entire existence; unfortunately these are few but America was one of them. When I reflect back on my time, I think of the various things I did that helped me grow as a person. How I gained view from the outside of my own situation. It helped me set goals for myself. I knew what I wanted. I've never had any time to be aware about who I am and living by myself gave me that.

I think taking this challenge has helped me so many ways, to take the time to consciously think about everything I learned. To make notes of my learnings. This is a mirror to every emotion I went thorough.   Many of the choices have now become habits, stuff that I haven't given much thought, but writing the challenge has helped me dive deep into my own though processes. Understand myself  better than when I began. I thank you for coming on this journey with me. 


  1. I think it was better for you to write about America after six months, and not immediately. If you were writing your blog posts in a similar fashion as a journal, you may or may not have included the trivial details, and this would have made the posts lacklustre. But because you wrote it after a long time, only the important details stayed on in your mind, and that's what makes your posts so brilliant!
    Loved the coffee analogy! :)

  2. Yet another lovely experience you have shared Maggie! I always feel it is the smaller, seemingly simple experiences in life that create a lasting impression and memory in our minds. It was indeed a beautiful journey that you took us along on.
    @KalaRavi16 from

  3. I could see my own thoughts of how I love my blog-posts to be reflect in this beautifully rounded post. Perspective, lessons learnt in hindsight add so much flavour to every experience. I'm so glad you chose to write about your journey in the A to Z Challenge because it helped me see an unseen world in your words and how.


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