Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I am so "modern"

Let me take you through a couple of  scenarios that really beg the question -Are you educated? or are you simply literate. I've met people with masters degrees who qualify in the literate category! Education is not being able to talk well and sit with poise and dress up a certain way (although a lot of people mistake their blazer clad degrees for an education). Seriously, education is supposed to give you an ounce of decency. It's supposed to teach you to talk to people well. Listen. Speak with thought and more important teach you humility. Ask yourself - are you literate or are you educated?

First situation: I was at a cultural event a couple of day ago (I do that sort of thing these days). There was a lady sitting in the row in front of me with a kid on her side, when she  was asked to hold the kid so the older woman could sit down in the chair, she flatly refused. Why does a 70 something old woman not get your sympathy? Does your 3 (5) year old child really really need to sit? Can she not be accommodated on your lap?

2: I was in the bus the other day (yaaay, 2 hour travel time :/) I saw a lady talking on the phone, normally that is not annoying at all. The conversation was casual, I could hear her speaking, when the conductor asked her twice where she wanted to get off -no reply. The conductor was then pissed (rightly so). She asked her a little loudly- to put her phone down and tell her where she wanted to go. She blankly looked at him and told him that 'he was*just* a conductor and he shouldn't be talking to her in a tone at all'. I could only sympathize with the conductor. If your education doesn't teach you the simple courtesy of talking to someone then whats the point of your education? I bet the lady doesn't dare talk to her manager the same way.

3. I was in the temple a few days ago, I don't prefer crowded places as a general rule. This was a quiet place and suddenly i hear conversation. Out of curiosity I looked, turns out some guy was happily chatting away. Where is the courtesy? Where is the 'silence'?

4. I don't know what about me makes people think I am some kind of road occupying maniac! When I was walking on the road, some guy honked and when I didn't move (my option was to jump into a dumpster) he though it was okay to yell at me and call me names. These same idiots also honk at ambulances (whatever emergency you're in -the ambulance is in much more of a hurry. So calm down.)

5 What about decency you extend to pregnant women? Why do you have to be told to give your seat? Is it not common sense? What about older women? why is it not more obvious that you need to move?

6. When I heard  two girls talking in some language, she seemed very very okay with saying 'Why would *I* learn Kannada?' As if it were a bad thing to learn another language. Before this becomes a North-South thing, I've heard enough people talk about "outsiders".

I don't want to make these examples of all the people in the world, obviously they aren't. But we encounter such people on a daily basis and having a place like this blog to vent feels good.

Ask yourself - Are you educated or literate?


  1. Very nice relevant points Maggie. Thought provoking

  2. Thought provoking indeed.
    Sometimes I feel it is education that makes people proud-y. Sometimes. If you know what I mean. :)
    ~Gehna aka Golden Scribbler from Word Factory :)

    1. Thank you Gehna, I didn't notice these things much at first... Now it's just becoming too obvious to miss.


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