Thursday, April 3, 2014

Coffee -The elixir of my life

For about 24 years of my life I've woken up to the beautiful fragrance of coffee wafting through  my home. Sizzling dark browness that makes waking up worth it. I don't remember when I started drinking coffee because as a family my parents were adventurous, they gave me coffee, even as a child. Of course it was more coffee flavoured milk but you get the drift of how the coffee love started.

My mornings don't begin without the reassurance of getting my cuppa. I fell in love with my office after I saw a beautiful pot of filter coffee in the pantry. Coffee for me is just as much a part of my life as is Chocolate. I'm not 'addicted' to either. But life's a lot better when you have your sugar and caffeine fix, huh?

What is it about coffee that is so incredibly addictive? Simple, coffee to me is my waking up juice. It's what kicks my brain into action. I've had many a wonderful discussions over coffee, I've read many books over endless cups coffee. Call it a character trait, call it an addiction, call it what you will.

Summer vacation for me didn't mean sleeping in late. It meant waking up early, grabbing my cup of coffee and book and heading to the terrace. We had a plethora of classical music that would resonate through the house, a little bit of Bhimsen Joshi and a little bit of Jaytheerth Mevundi, some musician that caught our attention. There would be our classic Kishore Kumar and Lata ji, Or Pu La on some days. All this while the garden would have butterflies and tiny sparrows that would fly by to say hello. It would get too hot too quickly so I'd have to cut short my stay upstairs. The sultry day would sometimes come to an end with a cold shower. In would come the rains, not just drizzle, the kind of rain that cleans. It would wash the terrace, give us some respite from the maddening heat and naturally I would be out getting soaking, soon as I'd get in the house, I'd make myself some hot coffee, dunk a slab of chocolate in it and I'd sit by my window and drink up.

Everyday when I sip on my coffee, it is a happy reassurance of the nice quaint life. One day, I'll be grown up enough to sit and sip on my coffee without being worried about work and life and managing money and paying out insurance and you know the regular nonsense. A nice quaint life is my promised land.

This post is being written as a part of the A TO Z Challenge. My theme for the AtoZ Challenge can be read here. To know more about the AtoZ Challenge itself click here

Apart from it being totally awesome. I wanted to participate in the challenge because I need to see if I can write everyday from 2 months in a row. And this time I'm doing the whole commenting, posting, reading and writing as well! So this 2 AM writer will have very little sleep and mostly lots of coffee!

"It's a good thing to tell yourself about the good things in life."



  1. Wish I could turn myself on to coffee... not yet, but maybe when I am in college?

  2. i thing that I love to drink on a hot sunny day is a Cold Coffee

  3. I used to love coffee, it was just a part of my life. But then I got pregnant and now I'm breastfeeding, so coffee is no longer my elixir. I've replaced it with tea, but even though I like it, it's just... not the same. ;)

    - Vero

  4. Ah I like a well prepared coffee and evenings are when I enjoy it the best! Great post! Makes me wanna get one right now ;)

  5. Classical music, coffee and chocolate - the three big C's of my life too! :) Lv

  6. Coffee - any time, any where!
    I love it too and a good book; a dream day!
    Hope your dreams come true.
    Health and Happiness always.

  7. I couldn't get through the day without my morning coffee! Love it as much as you do. :)

  8. Honestly, I can't remember when I had my first cup of Joe myself. The thought of waking up, putting on the music and relaxing with cup of coffee makes me want to heat up the Keurig , get you one if you don't have it yet. It takes coffee to whole new level. Only thing thing is, I'd never get to sleep so I'll be thinking of you in the morning when sit down with my cup. I'll be telecommuting and watching the rain hit against my windows. Can't wait.

    Enjoyed your post.


  9. I think I would die without coffee. I need it every day that I go to work, or else I will not function. I've recently taken to drinking it black, which is actually quite nice.

  10. Coffee is indeed Elixir of our lives!!! Especially, without coffee we might become insane at middle of these challenges!! ;)

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  11. Awesome. everything/anything else I've ever fallen in love with....

  12. your first few lines presented such alluring scene... ahhh makes me long for a my cuppa :)


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