Monday, March 31, 2014

What did you learn?

What I learned over the last 30 odd days was no challenge is too big if you decide to commit. But I have a list of things that I learned from this blogging challenge. But the question is what is the one thing you learned.

What I learned from the blogging challenge is to start getting in touch with myself. For a very long time (this is a confession) I was very aloof and cut of from everything I cared about for whatever reasons. Over the last few days I got back to reading, writing like never before. I started going out more often. I started talking about my blog more often. I was okay with meeting new people, even if it was virtually on my twitter, I started taking things seriously. It started mattering.

No, I didn't post my link on write tribe, I didn't put it on UBC. No I didn't even put it on the challenge page. Because I didn't think I wanted to. I wanted this challenge to be about myself. I wanted it to be about getting to know the things I've wanted to know about me without the added pressure of people reading or having an opinion about it. I'm quite happy with what I've achieved with this challenge and the next month. I'm going to be talking about the A TO Z challenge that pretty epic.

The link to that one is here

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