Sunday, November 24, 2013

Friday Night Fever and other strange rituals!

Yes, this post should start with a disclaimer. You'll probably not enjoy this insight into my life. I was fairly new to Banglore and I was just getting used to this city and was in love with it. I still am. It's weird why it makes me happy. I don't know if it's Bangalore or if it's my friends or my independence. I love all of it. I love living on my own.

One of these nights I was walking out and it was drizzling, I was sipping on a cup of chai and laughing with my roommate and it just felt right. You know how somethings just feel 'right'... Laughing with my roommates and a rather fun conversation with my buddy Richa, I was transported back in time. A time somewhere in 2011... I remember something me and my awesome roomies did! It was friday night madness. Given how all my roomies worked for badass MNC's and how they all got like saturdays off and how I was perennially up for fun we initiated something called Friday night fever!

When you put an immature kid like me and 4 very decent human beings in one room you must expect some really fun stuff to come about! So as a part of the 'growing up' my roomies decided to introduce me to the the girly indulgence called pedicures! Only to be surprised that I am totally pro mani -pedis!(No, pedicures are not girls-only thing. I know enough men who get them or at least should)

Friday nights back then were for playing games and listening to music, talking well into the night, painting our nails and watching youtube videos and laughing our ass off! I miss those Fridays. Of course, I had college the next day while my roomies slept away. I would wake up on the Saturday feeling lighter than ever... I would happily go to college, talk away and get back home at 12 only to be welcomed to the groggy (just woken up) faces of my rommies. Ah!

Other fun rituals that we had included something called 'eat out'... not always, but most Saturdays my meals come from McDonalds me and my roomie would head out and get some McDee! It was our thing. Or our Wednesdays was reserved for Dominos. I did this thing where even at 3 in the morning I would keep munching on food and my bestie and roomie would join me.

I miss Friday night fever!! I miss talking about everything under the sun. I miss getting "advice". I miss giving advice as well. We talked about life, skin care and toe nails; all in a span of a few hours.

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